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Oh, Poop!

Reviewer Debbie Glade got a real kick out of a witty and wonderful book about, well, eliminating so-to-speak.

Once a child sees the title of this book, Poopendous!: The Inside Scoop on Every Type and Use of Poop ($16.99, Blue Apple Books, Ages 4 and up) he or she will let out a big laugh and then won’t be able to wait to read it. Professor “Pip Poopdeck” presents readers with pages of useful (and hilarious) info about poop, be it from a bat, octopus, camel, monkey, aardvark, dog or human baby. The story is written by Artie Bennett, author of The Butt Book,  in clever rhyme and is wonderfully illustrated with vibrant colors and crisp images by Mike Moran.

 Poopendous pg6 explorer and monkeys


Young readers will not only learn that it is natural for every living creature to poop, but also how poop can actually be helpful, be it fertilizer, for use in making structures or marking a trail. I absolutely love books that make kids laugh as they learn, and all the while entertain the parents who are reading with their kids. The illustrations are really cute and make the copy sing. Most little kids are intrigued by the subject of poop, and this book will certainly satisfy their interest, teach them a thing or two and make them howl with laughter. I promise you will love this book!

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