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Bye-Bye to Drab Textbooks

Author Stuart Wright realized a long time ago that if students don’t find a topic in school to be interesting, they simply won’t learn. So with More Interesting Than Your Teacher ($14.95, Black Dog Publishing, all ages) he set out to introduce important subjects in a rather fun manner, without the excruciating detail that many textbooks offer. By presenting information in segments rather than long chapters, the information is easier (and more exciting) to grasp.

This compact-sized book can best be described as a hip encyclopedia/trivia/fact-packed source of information, with cool artwork and awesome photos. Questions are answered, thoughts are provoked and entertainment is provided.

What exactly is a mountain? How far is the horizon please? What is the largest number? What happened to all the lard? How do helicopters fly? Who invented the first clock?  Who wouldn’t want to know answers to these interesting questions? There are so many topics in this book, and so many facts to learn here, but the process of reading this book is so amusing, you will hear no complaining from the child in your life who receives this treasure as a gift from you.

Note: The publisher suggests the book is for all ages, however the reading level is age 12+. Also the book is compact in size, and the type is quite small.

Today’s review comes courtesy of Debbie Glade.

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