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World Without Fish is NAPPA Gold Winner!

photo_39029342The results are in and it’s no surprise that World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky has won a Gold Medal from NAPPA. For ordering info and more winners, visit the NAPPA website.

World Without Fish

By Mark Kurlansky, illustrated by Frank Stockton; Workman Publishing, 2011; $16.95;

photo_39029322This book has been called the Silent Spring for a new generation, and that’s not an exaggeration. Unlike most ecological books for young readers, it’s neither preachy nor condescending, but uses straightforward, powerful writing to pull the reader into caring about the perilous state of our oceans and sea life. The nontraditional format, including sections in graphic-novel form, keeps this fact-filled book lively. And Kurlansky brings you right into the worlds he’s writing about, whether under-sea with the fish or above with the fisherman.

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