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The Luckiest Cat in the World!

You’ve heard the term, “lucky dog,” but what about “lucky cat?” Well, if you were Julia Child’s cat in Paris, you’d be the luckiest cat in the world. Nearly two decades after meeting Julia Child in 1993, author Susanna Reich wrote Minette’s Feast: The Delicious Story of Julia Child and Her Cat, ($16.99, Abrams Books, ages 3 and Up). Susanna was the floral designer for Mrs. Child’s 80th birthday celebration, and later, after reading her memoir decided she would someday write a children’s book about Child using the real dialogue from Julia Child’s memoirs.

Minette’s Feast is a charming true-life story of a cat, adopted by the Childs in Paris, who came into the family just as Julia Child herself was perfecting her cooking skills. What a lucky cat indeed! One day, Minette waits patiently for a nibble, while Julia prepares a spectacular cut of beef. We feel the cat’s unbearable anticipation as we read the story and cheer on the hungry cat who’d do anything to have a just one bite. Who wouldn’t want to taste anything prepared by Julia Child?!!!

What I love about this simple story is that it introduces young readers to the life of Julia Child, who was really the pioneer in the world of home cooking. The superb illustrations by Amy Bates are enchanting and so fitting for the story, and I promise you’ll love them! In the back of the book is a photo of Julia with a Forward about her life, Notes, Sources and a Glossary. Any child who loves cats, who loves to eat or cook, will love reading Minette’s Feast, and so will you.

– Reviewed by Debbie Glade

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