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Utterly Lovely One

Today’s review is by Krista Jefferies

Utterly Lovely One ($16.99, Candlewick, ages 2 and up) by author-illustrator Mary Murphy is a simple declaration of a mother’s love.  This isn’t exactly a story, but more of a lesson from a mama bird to her baby that while there are countless lovely creatures in the world, hers is the loveliest of them all.  It is a mantra that every parent can relate to, as well as any aunt, uncle, or grandparent who has a little one to adore.  Though I have no children of my own, I easily feel this way about my nieces and nephews who, to me, are obviously the most wonderful children in the world—of course, I am biased, but aren’t we all when it comes to the little angels who tug at our hearts.  While some may criticize this book for not having a proper storyline, I believe it tells the oldest and most relevant story of all—the story of love and devotion.  It also sends a positive message to children that all kids are special in their own way, and everyone is loved by someone.

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