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In The Mood to Win Lots of Judy?


“Dear Magic 8 Ball:  Could this summer get any worse?”

Get ready, get geared up for what is going to be the breakout film this summer –

Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer!

To help celebrate the film’s June 10 opening, we’re giving away a set of 5 new books from Candlewick Press tied-in to the film that you will not want to miss.  Enter by clicking here for your chance to win. Be sure to write NOT BUMMER SUMMER as the subject. For rules, please click here. This contest ends Monday, June 6 so don’t wait and good luck!

Read calendar editor Michael Berick’s interview with author Megan McDonald here.

0763653519med1First there’s the paperback, Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer based on the screenplay by Kathy Waugh and Megan McDonald ($5.99 ages 6-9). Throw in some Judy, her brother Stink, mix it up with Aunt Awful (er, Opal) and that makes for a most very B O R I N G summer. How to make dudsville into a thrill-a-delic summer vacation? Read on.

0763655511medWhat goes into making a movie? In Judy Moody Goes To Hollywood, fans can check out this behind-the-scenes peak with Judy, Stink, Rocky, Frank Pearl and more when you get the inside facts about film making and being in the movies. Packed with lots of full color movie stills and original photos taken on the set, this hardcover is this summer’s must-have movie companion. ($14.99, ages 8-12)

0763655503medSo You Want to Catch Bigfoot by Morgan Jackson, PhD and illustrated by Mark Fearing is a facsimile of the book Aunt Opal gives to Stink in the film as he searches his neighborhood for the elusive Bigfoot after several sightings crop up. This field guide contains everything you’d need to catch a furry fugitive while remaining safe and in one solid piece.  (Hardcover, $8.99, ages 7 and up)

Also included in the giveaway are:

Judy Moody and  the Poop Picnic (paperback, $3.99, ages 5-8)


076365552xmedJudy Moody and the Thrill Points Race (paperback, $3.99, ages 5-8)

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Get Goosebumps for Halloween Contest

Multiply Your Chills Times Two

From Oozing Blobs to Squirming Worms, There’s Really Something For Everyone!

Good Reads With Ronna knows how popular the R. L. Stine Goosebumps Scholastic series is, so this Halloween we’re giving away 3 sets of 2 new DVDs (The Blob That Ate Everyone and Go Eat Worms!) from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Just enter by October 13 by clicking here. Send your name, address and telephone number in an email and write Goosebumps as the subject. For contest rules, please click here now. Good luck!

blobthatateeveryoned50fa53YOU CAN’T HIDE!

GOOSEBUMPS: THE BLOB THAT ATE EVERYONE ($14.98, no rating) – This collections includes mysteries called
The Blob That Ate Everyone, My Hairiest Adventure, and Piano Lessons Can Be Murder.


GOOSEBUMPS: GO EAT WORMS! ($14.98, no rating) – This collection includes such frightful tales as Go Eat Worms!, Bad Hare Day, and Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes.

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Get Into The Thick With Super Heroes & Villains

Workman Publishing’s Fandex Family Field Guides (Workman,, $12.95) are the fun-to-take-along, full-color, individually die-cut cards, layered to provide facts at your fingertips. My kids love to take the Fandex Guides along in the car and quiz each other which in turn gets my husband and I involved, too.

9780761158561Flip through the new Deluxe Edition DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains which is just jam-packed with info about 75 icons from the DC Universe including your faves and foes: Superman, Lex Luthor, Green Lantern, The Riddler, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and more!

flashMeet the Elongated Man, The Rogues, The Flash and Harley Quinn and find out things you never knew like real names, abilities and powers, their base, affiliation and where they debuted. Bring on road trips and test your parents’ trivia I.Q., bring to friends’ houses and test their knowledge or simply store away the details because you never know when someone is going to ask you about Power Girl or Gorilla Grodd.

Whether you’re a die-hard super hero fan or dilettante looking for general info, here are all the facts-at-your-fingertips so c’mom, get lost in the layers.

Test Your Knowledge of The DC Universe (Answers below)

1) Where was Wonder Woman born?

joker2) True of False: The real name of The Joker is unknown.

3) Who were the original Teen Titans?



1) On the remote island of Themyscira (also known as Paradise Island)

2) True

3) Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy

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Watch out! Ouch! It’s a Mr. Bump DVD Contest

mrbump_boxTHE MR. MEN SHOW’S

Mr. Bump Presents: Planes, Trains and Dillymobiles!

Which Mr. Men or Little Miss character are you? I am definitely Little Miss Chatterbox.

You love the books by Roger Hargreaves and the Cartoon Network TV show, now win then watch the DVD when Good Reads With Ronna gives away 3 copies of Mr. Bump Presents: Planes, Trains and Dillymobiles! courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. ($14.94, Rated TV-G, 69 minutes).

packshot_043396325371_3c0e07f9Bring an extra ice pack and some bandages. Poor Mr. Bump, always injuring something when he’s out and about in Dillydale. See him and all your favorite Mr. Men Show characters in six silly episodes: “Car Wash,” “Flying,” “Trains,” “Cars,” “Boats,” and “Inventions” then take part in the activities including a Find Mr. Bump Game, How To Draw Mr. Bump, Dance, Dance, Dance! and more.

1024x768_bumpTo enter, click here and remember to write Mr. Bump in the subject. Please click here for contest rules. The contest ends June 3.

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WORDGIRL CONTEST – Packing powerful punches and dictionary strength

512fwcjievl_sl500_aa300_WORDGIRL EARTH DAY GIRL CONTEST

“Fighting for Truth, Justice, and Use of The Right Word”

A girl after my own heart (and vocabulary), WORDGIRL EARTH DAY GIRL comes to us courtesy of PBS Kids and Paramount Home Entertainment. This exciting new animated series follows the adventures of a superhero who fights crime and enriches vocabulary usage all in a day’s work. Join WORDGIRL and her sidekick CAPTAIN HUGGY FACE as they battle Dr. Two-Brains, The Butcher, Mr. Big, Lady Redundant and more in 100 minutes of word walloping wackiness! Here’s to word power.

Good Reads With Ronna is offering three lucky winners the new-to-DVD called WORDGIRL Earth Day Girl that includes eight adventures, interactive games, video shorts, coloring pages and each episode introduces four new vocabulary words and reinforces their meanings in a variety of contexts. ($14.99, not rated).

Your child will be introduced to 16 new vocabulary words including Recycle, Excess, Coincidence, Perplexed, Motivate and more! Enter now by clicking here for your chance to win one of three DVDs. Please click here to see rules. The contest ends Monday, May 3 so don’t wait and remember to write WORDGIRL in the subject line. Good luck!

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Gotta Love ‘Em! A Charlie and Lola Contest

518tgvmjvrl_sl500_aa240_When we lived in London, my kids discovered the Charlie and Lola series of books from the very talented Lauren Child and soon so many of their expressions became commonplace in our household. Now I am excited to offer a reader contest for the latest DVD from BBC Video: Charlie and Lola Volume 10: I Can’t Stop Hiccupping and other stories based on their Playhouse Disney hit show here on the Disney Channel. This latest installment features Lola battling a bout of hiccups before a school performance in the title episode along with eight other episodes making this over an hour and half in content.

The popular Charlie and Lola books and DVDs are perfect for preschoolers. Join older brother Charlie and younger sister Lola in their endearing escapades presented in Child’s trademark photomontage style with realistic dialogue and engaging adventures. I love the sibling relationship and how Charlie cares so much for his younger sister and always hoped this sentiment would rub off on my oldest child.

The DVD series is a Gold Medal recipiet of the 2006 National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) and continues to receive countless honors in the parenting industry.

Enter here now for a chance to win one of two DVDs along with one of two paperback books I’ll be giving away. Remember to write Charlie and Lola as the subject. For rules click here. The contest ends on March 22.


  • cl10_3dCharlie and Lola Volume Ten: I Can’t Stop Hiccupping! (DVD)
  • 619gnshugol_sl500_aa240_I Can’t Stop Hiccupping! (paperback)
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Call Of The Wild DVD Contest

Enter this contest to win one of two copies on 3-D DVD

cotw_3d_skew_dvdsmallYou’ve read the book, maybe even seen the 1972 version with Charlton Heston, but now this Jack London classic gets a family-friendly, modern day adaptation. From Vivendi Entertainment comes
Call of the Wild
on 3-D DVD available in stores now.

The all-star cast includes Back to The Future’s Christopher Lloyd, Ariel Gade, Wes Studi, Aimee Teegarden, Devon Graye, Kameron Knox, Jaleel White, Joyce DeWitt, Veronica Cartwright and Timothy Bottoms. For your chance to win one of two copies, click now and remember to enter CALL OF THE WILD in the subject line. For rules, click here now. The contest ends on February 8, 2010. Good luck!

Call of the Wild is the timeless story of a young girl visiting Montana who rescues an injured wolf that her grandfather feels she should return to the wild. Complications arise after she trains the wolf. The bonus features include a fun Call of the Wild game, a behind-the-scenes featurette, as well as deleted scenes and audio commentary. The single disc DVD, containing both the 2-D and 3-D versions of the film, is a must for your family’s DVD library. Priced at $19.99, it comes with two pairs of special 3-D glasses.

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Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day With Clifford

pbs_kids_logoleftbox-littleScholastic Media and PBS Kids invite families to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Clifford the Big Red Dog!

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service, PBS KIDS and Scholastic Media will kick off “BE BIG WITH CLIFFORD: TEN DAYS, TEN WAYS,” featuring ten days of favorite Clifford episodes that will focus on each of Clifford’s ten Big Ideas. The ten days of programming will begin on Monday, January 18th, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, and showcase important life lessons that help teach social and character building skills.

If you’re looking for any entertainment highlights this month, “BE BIG WITH CLIFFORD: TEN DAYS, TEN WAYS” will be a best bet for you and your family. It’s also great for parents of young children who may be unable to participate in a major volunteering project on MLK Day.

Click here now to see a clip.

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Last Chance for Cloudy With a Chance …

Tomorrow is your last chance to enter this contest! IMPORTANT: All entries must be sent to this e-mail address so click for the link now.

To celebrate the DVD release of this classic kids’ book, “Good Reads With Ronna” is giving away (1) fun prize pack worth a total of $60.

1 lucky winner will get:

ratbird-imagecloudy-art-of-making-book(1) The Art and Making of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs book by Tracey Miller-Zarneke, $50. This behind-the-scenes look at the hit film features interviews and insights from film designers about special effects and animation techniques in 300 colorful pages. Plus there’s scratch-and-sniff stickers, a booklet on “How To” make the perfect burger and so much more!

(1) Plush Toy Ratbird will be the perfect companion as you read the book, $10.

Please click here for your chance to win and remember to type CLOUDY in the subject. The contest ends on January 18. For rules, click here now.

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Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs Giveaway

“A perfect storm of humor, heart and hot dogs.” – Michelle Tan, People Magazine

cloudy-art-of-making-bookFrom the Academy Award ® nominated studio behind Open Season comes CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, the box office hit from Sony Pictures Animation, arriving on DVD, Blu-ray TM High-Def and PSP, today, Tuesday, January 5.

To celebrate the DVD release of this classic kids’ book, “Good Reads With Ronna” is giving away (1) fun prize pack worth a total of $60.

1 lucky winner will get:

ratbird-image(1) The Art and Making of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs book by  Tracey Miller-Zarneke, $50. This behind-the-scenes look at the hit film features interviews and insights from film designers about special effects and animation techniques in 300 colorful pages. Plus there’s scratch-and-sniff stickers, a booklet on “How To” make the perfect burger and so much more!

(1) Plush Toy Ratbird will be the perfect companion as you read the book, $10.

Please click here for your chance to win and remember to type CLOUDY in the subject. The contest ends on January 18. For rules, click here now.

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Win a Talkin’ Sid the Science Kid!

Calling all Sid fans and curious young scientists! You know the animated TV series, Sid The Science Kid produced by The Jim Henson Company and KCET (PBS/ Los Angeles). Well now you can bring the inquisitive 5-year old Sid right into your living room!

We have one of the first ever TALKIN’ SID THE SCIENCE KID plush toys to give away!! Simply click here for your chance to win this great prize and remember to write TALKIN’ SID in the subject. The contest ends Dec. 30. Click here for contest rules and good luck!

Plus, if you want to buy one immediately, you can get a $3.00 off coupon to use towards your purchase of the TALKIN’ SID THE SCIENCE KID plush toy from Playskool/Hasbro at Toys ‘R Us. Go to and then click on the “Toy and Game” link on the left hand side of the page. Right now the TALKIN’ SID THE SCIENCE KID is only available at Toys ‘R Us


(Approx retail price: $24.99/Available Now; Ages 3 and up)

Now kids can bring their friend Sid home with the lively TALKIN’ SID THE SCIENCE KID plush character. This soft and loveable plush SID is 12 inches tall and comes ready to play and learn with his iconic “microphone.” Squeeze his belly to hear seven different popular phrases from the series. Requires two “AA” batteries, included. Plus this toy also includes a DVD called “The Sticker Chart.”

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The Legends Behind the Comic Books

marvel_heroesComic-Con may be over, but … Batman! Spider-Man! Captain America! LIVE ON!

The greatest super heroes of all time — and for the first time, the true stories behind the creators of these comics and many more will be revealed as illustration gallery Every Picture Tells A Story Gallery on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica presents an amazing evening of art, books, and movies dedicated to comic books and their artists and writers.

WHEN: On Wednesday, July 29, Every Picture Tells A Story Gallery, in association with the American Cinematheque, presents two exciting debuts, at 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Every Picture Tells A Story Gallery introduces, for the first time ever, MARVEL ARTWORKS — an exclusive, brand new, limited edition series of fine art prints from the Marvel Comics archives, including works by classic and contemporary comic illustrators like Jack Kirby, Alex Ross, Jim Lee and many others. Along with the exhibit, the gallery will host a book signing and reception with very special guests including MICHAEL USLAN (Producer, THE DARK KNIGHT, BATMAN BEGINS, BATMAN FOREVER, CON AIR, NATIONAL TREASURE, and more), MARK EVANIER (author of Kirby: King of the Comics), MICHAEL MALLORY (author of X-Men: The Characters and Their Universe) and DC and Marvel artist GLEN ORBIK.

images3WHEN: At 7:30 p.m., the American Cinematheque’s Aero Theatre presents the West Coast debut of THE LEGENDS BEHIND THE COMICS, a new documentary film, produced by Michael Uslan. The film, a behind-the-scenes look at the origins of the most popular heroes of our time, features comic creators Jerry Robinson, Stan Lee, Joe Kubert and many of the Golden Age innovators.

Following the screening, the Aero will host a panel featuring MICHAEL USLAN, MARK EVANIER, MICHAEL MALLORY, GLEN ORBIK — moderated by Every Picture Tells A Story’s LEE COHEN. After the panel, the acclaimed animated feature, BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM, will be screened.

The events at Every Picture Tells A Story Gallery are free and open to the public. Tickets for the Aero Theatre screenings will be available at their boxoffice.
Every Picture Tells A Story… is located at 1311 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. The American Cinematheque is at 1328 Montana, Santa Monica.

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Woof! It’s a Cool New Back To School Marley & Me Contest


marleyschoolcover-720371Following up Bad Dog, Marley and A Very Marley Christmas is Marley Goes to School (HarperCollins Children’s Books, $17.99; ages 3-8) by John Grogan. Cassie’s all set for going back to school and so is Marley, but “School’s for kids, not dogs,” says Cassie. How will Marley handle his best friend going off without him? After tunneling his way out of the back yard, Marley makes haste to the school in search of his beloved Cassie. Wreaking havoc wherever he goes, whether in the copy room or cafeteria, in the gymnasium or on the playground, good-hearted Marley has one goal in mind. watch out!

51gxuo-mozl_sl500_aa240_-1After reading the book, no doubt you’ll be eager to watch the original exploits of this popular pooch. The DVD of Marley & Me, a family favorite, is about a young couple (both journalists) who raise a dog called Marley and children while the dad, author John Grogan, documents daily life with the growing dog and family Marley & Me managed to move me and make me laugh at the same time, but I do recommend one tissue box for those sentimentalists out there! A must have for your home DVD collection.

Click here for your chance to win these fun prizes by August 3, 2009, and remember to include your mailing address and write Marley & Me contest as subject.

Click here for rules.

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SUPERWHY EVENT! Calling all super readers!

imagesYou know the Super WHY show, now check out the new toy line.  Spend another sunny day in L.A. at this fun and FREE event for the family this coming Saturday, June 13. Yes, Super WHY, the award-winning preschool PBS show invites Los Angeles-area kids and families to enjoy a not-to-be-missed day of reading-powered fun with a “super” special event celebrating the series’ anticipated toy launch at Toys”R”US!

This exciting day of activities includes a storybook reading, an interactive bingo game, Super WHY-inspired coloring activities and more! Be the FIRST to enjoy exclusive “hands on” play with the new toys based on the hit Emmy nominated PBS KIDS TV Series. Plus, you won’t want to miss all the great giveaways and coupons that will be distributed as well.

sw_vertical_loge280a6finalWho: Super WHY fans of all ages and Toys“R”Us!

What: Kids from coast-to-coast will hold the “power to read” in their hands – literally! – as the highly-anticipated Super WHY toy line from Learning Curve, based on the hit series seen daily on PBS KIDS (check local listings), makes its retail debut at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide!

Why: To celebrate the arrival of Super WHY toys, on Saturday, June 13, kids can be among the first to experience the new toys based on the Emmy nominated Super WHY preschool show!

Guests of the celebration also will have the opportunity to receive Super WHY-themed temporary tattoos, stickers, masks, coloring and activity sheets, while supplies last.

When: Saturday, June 13
12 noon – 2 p.m.

Where: All Toys“R”Us stores nationwide!
click here to find a location

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Prepare for Pokémon Battle Dimension


My son, Coleman, is obsessed with all things Bakugan and Pokémon and perhaps your son is too. If your home is anything like mine, not a day goes by POKEMON: SINNOH READER #4: TRIPLwithout one or the other being mentioned over dinner or at bedtime and honestly, I cannot follow or keep up with it all. On the other hand, my husband and my dad have had to learn all the different names involved in addition to the characters’ respective powers in order to bond over various DS, Wii and card games along with the television show. It’s at times like these that I am grateful for being the mom because, were you to ask me to name a Pokémon besides Pikachu, I would lose that battle hands down! And speaking of battles, this is what Coleman had to say about Scholastic’s latest release …

The book I just finished is called Pokémon Battle Dimension: Triple Trouble (available from bookstores nationwide) based on the T.V. episode, “The Thief That Keeps on Thieving.” This book was very exciting because it shows how teamwork is better than just a single person fighting evil. The bad guys are Jessie, James and a talking Pokémon, Meowth. The good guys (and girl) are Ash, Dawn, Brock and Tyler. Tyler is trying to catch a Yanma, but team Rocket (a.k.a. the bad guys) catch it. If I say any more I will spoil the story for you. But I can truly tell you it’s a good book if you are a Pokémon fan like me!

NOTE:  This a Reader 2 level book.

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