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You Be You and I’ll Be Me

Debbie Glade tells us why Miss Mousie’s Blind Date  ($19.99, Tundra Books, Ages 3 and up) made her giggle and smile.

Who wouldn’t want to read a book with verse like this?

 “Matt LaBatt, the water rat,
was such a handsome fellow!
His fur was black. His eyes were red.
His teeth were lemon yellow.”

In the mood for a little romance and companionship, Miss Mousie tries to get the attention of a potential gentleman caller, only to be mortified when he calls her “fat.” She goes home embarrassed and in total despair. But a few days later she discover an anonymous invitation on her door from a mystery date. Feeling insecure, Miss Mousie gets all dressed up in a disguise. When she meets her mystery man, or rather mystery mole, what she discovers is not quite what she had expected and she sees herself in a whole new accepting light.

There are many children’s books that teach individuality, but Miss Mousie’s Blind Date does it in a wonderfully subtle and original way. The rhyming verse is so cleverly written by author, Tim Beiser, and the story is just plain cute. The charming illustrations by Rachel Berman are beautifully detailed and really animate the story.

What I love about this book is that it reminds us all that everyone feels insecure about themselves in one way or another, and it’s okay. It also gives us hope that there’s someone very special out there for each and every one of us.

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