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Snow Days

The Question, ($16.95, by Scott J. Langteau with illustrations by Lidat Truong, both SoCal locals, is a funny, imaginative new book (published early December 2011), ideal for ages 4-8. One of my recommendations would be to read the book slowly, savoring every colorful page like you would a delicious assortment of pastries. You’ll want to have plenty of time to study all the fantastic, detailed artwork on each page because there are lots of silly little things added for those who don’t turn the pages too quickly. And like pastries, who wants to miss a good treat?

As I write I am looking at the mountain peaks now frosted in fresh, white snow. On such a wintry day, what would you do if you awoke to a window “of snow to the sky, under drifts that have buried every house that’s nearby?” That is the initial question this delightful picture book poses and the way the main character keeps pushing the question to extremes, as my son would do, is something a lot of kids could relate to. “If I’m stuck here ’til spring, as is likely the case, will I write a great novel or just stare into space?”

I especially loved the surprise ending since I had no idea where the story was taking me! I was just so happy to be along for the ride.  While there are one or two rhymes that were a stretch for me, I think children might not be as picky as I am and will more than likely have joined the young boy on his imaginative adventure in no time at all. If you like this book, you’ll want to check out the author’s previous book entitled Sofa Boy. That’s my plan – Sofa Boy and some pastries!

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