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Self-Improvement Book: 52 Small Changes for the Family

by Brett Blumenthal and Danielle Shea Tan
(Chronicle Books; $18.95, Adult Nonfiction)


52 small changes for the family book cover


Internationally best-selling author Brett Blumenthal’s newest book, 52 Small Changes for the Family is the third in her series that helps you make a small change each week. This time she teams up with Danielle Shea Tan, a functional nutritionist, certified holistic health coach, and corporate wellness consultant focused on family health.

Since it takes an average of sixty-six days to learn a new habit, no wonder breaking out of ruts can be challenging. Making small changes over the course of a year is a simpler and more realistic way to improve our family’s health and happiness. Four categories—sharp mind, healthy spirit, resilient body, and deep connections—are interspersed to keep things interesting. Increased thoughtfulness in any of these areas is sure to have positive benefits.

I like that each week’s chapter opens with a quote and that a diverse range of topics are covered. Ones which resonate with me include “Toss Plastics” (such an important issue), “Enjoy Healthy Fats” (algae oil, who knew??), and “Have Real Conversations” (a reminder to talk daily with every member of your family about topics that matter).

The book’s weekly program can be adapted to whatever best fits your lifestyle. It all comes down to the relationships we maintain with ourselves and our world. The quote in the “Be a Good Friend” chapter sums it up: “I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that’s why” (John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men).

Why wait until the new year? Start June with 52 Small Changes for the Family. It’s a book you’ll keep on hand with pages flagged and lines highlighted. It also makes a wonderful gift.


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Change is Good

mailMeet Calli Rae, today’s Guest Reviewer. She  is 15 years-old and grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Calli Rae currently attends school in Sedona, Arizona.


Change the Way You See Everything For Teens from Running Press Kids, is a book all adolescents should have on hand.  It helps kids learn healthy coping skills and better ways to keep their minds healthy. Also the acronyms that are in the book make it ctwyse-teens_230x230-150x1501easier to understand the lessons the book is trying to teach. This book also helps you practice the skills by giving pages for the adolescent to reflect on. The graphics that are presented in the book also serve as good motivation because all of the kids in the pictures look happy. Overall, Change the Way You See Everything For Teens, is an inspiring and motivating book that can help many visual learning adolescents and even audio adolescents to live an all around happier life.

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