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The Poe Estate by Polly Shulman

Wishing You a Pleasant Haunting!

Written by Polly Shulman
(Nancy Paulsen Books; $16.99, Ages 10 and up)




Take a bow, Polly Shulman! This latest and final installment in the New-York Circulating Materials Repository series had me turning pages late into the night. In The Poe Estate Sukie O’Dare’s life has been turned upside down. After the death of her sister, Kitty, the O’Dare family finds that they have fallen on hard times. It makes financial sense to move in with elderly Cousin Hepzibah, a relative on her mother’s side on the family, the Thornes. What Sukie’s parents don’t know is that the ghost of Sukie’s sister, Kitty, is still a part of Sukie’s everyday life. Kitty was Sukie’s protector in life and Kitty is not going to go back on that promise anytime soon. However, the longer Kitty is around, the less likely it is that anyone will want to be Sukie’s friend. Kitty feels that she should have a say in who is Sukie’s friend and who is not. With financial troubles, a move to a new house, and an overly concerned ghostly sister, it’s a wonder how Sukie is going to reorient her life.

Lucky for Sukie, her gift of being able to sense the supernatural is now going to come in very handy. Ancestors who are missing family treasure haunt the Thorne home! It is up to Sukie to lay the past to rest for all her family, including Kitty. Sukie is a goodhearted heroine with a gift that the New-York Circulating Materials Repository (a lending library of magical objects) finds extremely useful. Sukie is able to tell if an acquisition is haunted enough to be included in the Poe Estate which is a collection of haunted houses and items. The Poe Estate has its own problems with a wily collector of antiques proving to be a worthy nemesis for Sukie. Moreover, the librarians at the repository are trying to find Sukie’s family treasure before the collector does.

Enchanted broom sticks ready for flying, a dip into the literary realm of supernatural tales, making a new friend, and a family treasure hunt all add up to page turning adventure. This reader was kept up past her bedtime because she had to find out what happened next. Highly recommended for readers who enjoy a good mystery that never gets too scary. Although it’s not necessary to read the first two books  (The Grimm Legacy and The Wells Bequest) in the series, it is rewarding to find that some of the characters from the previous books make reappearances.

Fans of The Mysterious Benedict Society will find much to love in this latest and last book in the series. The Poe Estate is imaginative, daring and fun reading that suits the upcoming Halloween season perfectly!

  • Reviewed by Hilary Taber
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Hilary Taber’s Top Ten Kids’ Books Authors

Here’s a different kind of list to kick off 2014. Please read what reviewer and bookseller Hilary Taber has entitled her Author Shout Out for Good Reads With Ronna.
We always look forward to Hilary’s take on what’s selling in her store and can just picture her standing up on a stage, behind a podium, announcing all these wonderful winners.

The Top Ten Authors That I Most Admire,

Why You Should Know About Them,

& Why I’m Giving Them a Coveted Bookseller Award

UnknownWell, folks, I’ve officially read over 400 hundred children’s books! This has given me a real perspective on the craft of writing, and what makes an author someone whose books I will recommend without hesitation. I’ve gathered together my top ten authors, and the reasons why I am their fan for life. Certainly, personal taste has a lot to do with it, but so does a winning streak of books. In each of these excellent books the writing (and sometimes the art as well) speaks for itself in terms of excellence. Each author, in their own way, has hit their stride with every book they write. So, from board books to young adult, here are my top ten author shout outs. I only wish I had a lovely statue with a bookseller on top in gold to give to each of you, but hope this star will suffice.

Best Board Books and Pop Up Books:

Winner: Petr Horáček

CBA - Coveted Bookseller AwardHis latest book, Animal Opposites, was a wonderful collection. Each illustration was so finely done.  There is pairing not just animals, but also opposite characteristics such as quiet and loud. Each pop up element was so beautifully done, and so pleasing to the eye. His board books are colorful, eye catching, and beautifully drawn. In this author and artist’s work, beautiful art meets a lively story. Strawberries Are Red remains my very favorite. Petr, you rock, and your books are this bookseller’s dream come true for the two and up set!


For more information, please visit this website –

Best Picture Books:

Winner: Mo Willems

CBA - Coveted Bookseller AwardCan we ever have too much of Mo Willems’ books? I think not. Every book is so full of humor that appeals to both adults and children. Willems books are always story time hits. Do you know how rare that is? It’s very rare that I am able to sell a book that is more guaranteed to bring a smile and a laugh to the entire family. My favorite books are in the Pigeon series, but the beginning reader series of Elephant and Piggy has earned a special place in my heart for being such fantastically engaging beginning reading. Thank you so much, Mo, for your humor. Thank you for sharing it with us, and by sharing it you make reading so much fun!


For more information, please visit this website –

Best Junior Fiction:

Winner: Kate DiCamillo

CBA - Coveted Bookseller AwardKate, how can I tell you how much your books mean to me, and to all the children to whom I’ve sold them? Your books are so full of hope at an age when children are just beginning to learn that the world needs their hope. I’ve never met a child who wasn’t just in love with your work. The care you put into each book makes it shine like stars in the night sky. When I read a book written by you, I admire the effort you put into each book, and also the love. God bless you, Kate! My favorite titles include Because of Winn-Dixie, and Kate’s latest book, Flora and Ulysses about a girl named Flora who discovers a new best friend in the form of a squirrel, named Ulysses who has super powers, can write poetry, and can type!


For more information, please visit this website –


Winner: Jeanne Birdsall

CBA - Coveted Bookseller AwardWill I ever tire of reading about the charming Penderwick family? I really don’t think so. Every book is filled with adventure, and the reassuring presence of family. I’ve loved seeing each character grow and change to become the person that they can most fully be. Plus, there’s Hound, the Penderwick’s dog! I adore Hound. Little Women comes to mind as a possible “ancestor” of the Penderwick series. I so appreciate that every child can recognize some part of themselves in each of the sisters in the family, just as you can in Little Women. There’s something for everyone here in this lovely series of the changing lives of this most eccentrically beloved family.  This is a family who affirms that the person you are is fantastic. This type of personal affirmation is present throughout the books. In fact, you should be free to be yourself!

For more information, please visit this website –

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Have Time Machine – Will Travel

9780399256462HThe Wells Bequest by Polly Shulman (Nancy Paulsen Books, $16.99, Ages 10 and up) is reviewed by Hilary Taber.

If you had the power to time travel in order to stop a horrible event from happening would you do it? Would you change history? Yet how much of history is really safe to change, without altering present reality?

In this stand-alone companion novel to The Grimm Legacy, author Polly Shulman revisits the earlier venue of the New York Circulating Material Repository. This provides the reader with another set of adventures within the walls of the Repository, revealing more of the secrets hidden therein. The New York Circulating Material Repository isn’t a library for books, instead it houses objects of every kind imaginable. If a page would demonstrate that they are both capable and trustworthy, they might be able to look at and even borrow magical objects from the special collections.

In The Wells Bequest we meet Leo, an aspiring scientist and Jaya, the head page at the library. The library is facing a huge problem. One of the library’s pages, a boy named Simon, has gotten hold of Nikola Tesla’s death ray. Jealous of Leo and Jaya’s relationship, Simon must now be stopped from blowing up New York City into smithereens! Luckily, the Wells Bequest contains a time travel machine straight from H.G. Well’s book The Time Machine. Leo and Jaya must travel through time back to the 1890s in order to stop Simon’s evil plans. The clock is now ticking for Leo and Jaya. They must save their city, their families, friends, and the library itself from disappearing forever.

What impresses me most about both The Grimm Legacy and The Wells Bequest, is the sheer amount of research that I know must be at the heart of both these books. Intricately detailed, Ms. Shulman’s research adds depth to her fantasy world, making it even more believable. The Well’s Bequest is rich in background information that is both scientific and historical which makes it that rare kind of children’s book that instructs without resorting to lecturing. For example, did you know that Mark Twain knew Nikola Tesla? I didn’t before I read this book, but now I do! I wanted to high five someone when Mark Twain appeared as a character in the book (how cool is that?!), but it was three in the morning, so I waited. It is also worth noting how well-drawn the characters in the book are, especially the relationship between Leo and Jaya. Their relationship kept the plot lively and was realistic. It was full of the humorous, mild bickering that friends enjoy. They each admire the abilities the other possesses, and their friendship develops into a light romance.

Fans of Rick Riordan’s books, and those of us longing for another sort of Hogwarts (that we can imagine we could be a part of) will find a great summer read in The Wells Bequest. It’s very much like a very fast roller coaster ride experienced at a summertime theme park visit. There are unexpected plot twists and turns, there’s a rush of activity throughout the book (they are saving New York City after all), and a wind of information seems constantly about you, almost like another character in the book. Did it keep me guessing? You bet! Could two kids really time travel? Well, as Jaya asked, “’Would you really want to live in a world where only the possible is possible?’” I sure wouldn’t. Besides, you never know… one day it could happen!

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Fridays Featuring Flintridge is Back!

You’ve probably noticed that Fridays Featuring Flintridge has been on hiatus. We’re delighted to announce that now, taking over the reigns from soon-to-be published YA author Catherine Linka of Flintridge Bookstore and Coffeehouse, is Hilary Taber, Catherine’s colleague. Find out more about Hilary below.

Sisters in Sleuthing:
Following in the Footprints of Nancy Drew

When I was ten-years-old, I sat under the covers in the dark of night with a flashlight in my hand. That cozy place was where I first met Nancy Drew. Of course, I was reading when I should have been asleep. Still, it was even more mysterious and cool to read mysteries that way. It seemed like something Nancy Drew would do. I was warm in my cocoon with a peanut butter sandwich ready to enjoy. Only when all these preparations were ready would I let myself be whisked away to the land of River Heights where a girl of sixteen could drive a cool blue car, have strawberry blond hair, sapphire blue eyes, and have a father who was extremely supportive of his daughter’s curiosity. It is only retrospectively that I see Nancy as a real pioneer of supporting independence for women. She was a young woman encouraged to be a sleuth by her father, to track down villains, to fight for the side of good by applying her intelligence to a budding career as a detective. How new and exciting this character must have been to those girls who first read of her famous hunches, her daring exploits, and her loyal chums!

In the spirit of the adventurous Nancy Drew, I have done my own sleuthing to track down her more recent, modern literary daughters. I believe that I can call this case closed and hope that your own daughters will be happy in the results! Just like our beloved Nancy, these girls are feisty, curious, independent, practical, and ready for adventure. Flashlights ready everyone?

0142419044The Grimm Legacy ($7.99, Penguin/Puffin Ages 10-14), by Polly Shulman

Elizabeth has just moved to a new school and is really on the “look out” for some new friends. In appreciation of her paper on the fairy tales told by the Brothers Grimm her teacher recommends her for the position of a page at The New York Circulating Material Repository. It turns out to be a fantastic library, but it’s not filled with books as Elizabeth expects. Instead, it lends out objects to patrons instead of books. Elizabeth begins to get to know and trust the other pages there who seem like potential friends. Yet, hidden deep in the basement of the library, is a collection of objects known as The Grimm Collection. This collection is where magical and unpredictable objects right out of the Grimm fairytales dwell. The magical mirror from Snow White, the shoes worn by the famous dancing princess, and other dazzling objects abound. Elizabeth is captivated by it all until these fantastical objects begin to disappear. Suddenly, potential friends become definite suspects, and as the clock ticks to find out who the thief really is Elizabeth is forced to use all her intelligence and instincts to unmask the real enemy. The Grimm Legacy is an intelligent, well-written, and intriguing mystery brimming with lots of magic. It is certainly a treat not to be missed! The Wells Bequest is the second book in the series, and frankly, this reviewer can’t wait to get a hold of a copy when it’s released in June. Hurray!

GBFbookcoverGirl’s Best Friend ($14.99, Bloomsbury, Ages 10 and up) by Leslie Margolis

“‘Ivy scoffed. ‘Who are you, Nancy Drew?’”

Well, obviously not, but Maggie Brooklyn is definitely one of Nancy’s kindred spirits. Middle grade readers will instantly recognize a girl very much like themselves or someone they know in Maggie who is pragmatic, sensible, and despite all this most definitely a tween. She listens to popular music, worries about the boy she has her first crush on, and wonders about friends who have now become frenimies. However, she is a tween most definitely knee deep in mystery.

Maggie works as a dog walker in Brooklyn, a job that puts her on the trail of an unknown kidnapper of local, beloved dogs. Now it’s up to Maggie to use her wits and straight talking to save a local dog, possibly go on her first date, uncover a secret stash of money, and basically save the day! What I like best about Maggie is her unwillingness to be swayed by the emotions of others in the pursuit of a logical conclusion. The author paints a portrait of a vivid heroine that Nancy Drew would certainly admire. I know that I certainly do. The Maggie Brooklyn Series has a sequel, Vanishing Acts, which I’m looking forward to reading very soon.

4581447The Red Blazer Girls: The Ring of Rocamadour ($6.99, Random House Children’s Books, Ages 10-12 ) by Michael D. Beil 

“I point at Margaret. ‘She’s way smarter than Nancy Drew … she could take Nancy Drew with half her brain tied behind her back.'”

Sophie, Margaret, and Rebecca are our modern Nancy, Bess, and George. These are three girls whose combined talents make them the perfect team to solve a very mathematical and historical mystery. The three girls attend St. Veronica’s Catholic School, hence the required red blazers. When eccentric Ms. Harriman tells the girls the tale of a birthday card (given by her father to her young daughter twenty years ago) with a puzzling message inside, the team is on the case! It will take each of their separate talents for understanding art, literature, and mathematics to crack the case of a priceless ring that has gone missing. I would highly recommend this book to any middle grader who loves solving a good math puzzle. However, I enjoyed it for the sheer fun of searching an old church for clues, the friendship that the girls enjoy, and the sassy main character Sophie who narrates the tale. This is the first in a series and was a Booklist Top Ten Crime Fiction for Youth pick as well as an Edgar Allen Poe nominee for best children’s mystery.

9780399243042LThe Case of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery ($6.99, Penguin/Puffin, Ages 8-12) by Nancy Springer 

Enola Homes is the younger sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes. Much like her older brother she longs to solve mysteries. Unlike her older brother she is a young lady and is expected to behave like one. However, when their mother goes missing Enola finds herself on the run. If Enola is to avoid a world of corsets and finishing schools that her brothers would like to put her in while her mother is gone, then she must employ all the intelligence she has inherited from her mother to escape. Also, there is the mystery of her missing mother to solve.

Enola Holmes’s adventures continue for a delightful five more books as Enola and Sherlock cross paths while they both are on the trail of London’s most infamous mysteries. Ms. Springer presents a thoroughly likeable, yet vulnerable heroine whose resourcefulness in solving mysteries is astonishing even to Sherlock himself. This highly recommended series is an excellent introduction to the world of Sherlock Homes, filled with cunning villains, plot twists, and a family trying their best to finally unite. Two books in this series were Edgar Allen Poe nominees for best children’s mystery. Even though they are from different historical and national backgrounds, I am most certain Nancy would hold Enola in high esteem. I can picture them chatting over a nice cup of tea while they discuss their latest cases.

Spy-final-cover-hi-res-198x300A Spy in the House, Book One in The Agency Series by Y.S. Lee ($16.99, Candlewick Press, Ages 12 and up)

This book is that rare breed of children’s literature that is able to bridge the gap between middle grade fiction and young adult fiction with great flair. At the beginning of the book our heroine, Mary Quinn, has been recued from the gallows to attend Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Young Girls. The book is set in Victorian England, rife with mysteries to solve.

Mary comes to find herself invited to be part of the real purpose of Miss Scrimshaw’s school. To the best and most promising pupils comes the chance to become a part of “The Agency.” This all-female team of spies trains Mary to become an expert spy and her first assignment is to gain a position at the home of a rich merchant as a companion to his daughter. However, at only seventeen, will Mary be able to live up to the high standards of The Agency? A side plot is Mary’s determination to solve the mystery of the disappearance of her parents that left her an orphan at a very young age. All the mystery, intrigue, suspense, and romance make a compelling read for any older fan of Nancy’s who has outgrown the easier plots of most middle grade mysteries.

Happy reading!

Please visit the Flintridge Bookstore today to pick up your copy of these great books, buy gifts, enjoy their extensive selection of other great reads  and relax over a great cup of coffee.  Also visit the website at to keep up-to-date with story times, author events and other exciting special events. And when you stop by, keep a lookout for Hilary peeking out from behind a novel.

HilaryTaberHilary Taber is a bookseller at Flintridge Bookstore in La Canada, CA. She is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University and is currently pursuing her master’s in education. She has read over 400 children’s books. These have ranged from board books to the latest young adult titles. Hilary’s great grandmother was a first grade teacher who had inspired her mother with a love of children’s literature. Thus, this love of children’s literature has been passed down from one generation to the next and, like any fine heirloom, is treated with great respect and care. Her reviews have been published in BookSense (now IndieBound), Publisher’s Weekly Online, and her review for The Penderwicks was used by the publisher for advertising.  Hilary has formerly worked as a children’s bookseller at Vroman’s Bookstore, Pasadena, CA.  While at Vroman’s, she met Eloise illustrator, Hilary Knight, and had her own copy of the book signed! In her spare time, Hilary enjoys all things Jane Austen, and going out to tea with her best friend, Meaghan.  She dreams of taking a literary tour of England and Ireland. Hilary is very dedicated to her family which consists of her mother, father, younger brother and a small black and white poodle named Cam. Currently, Hilary and her cousin, Grace Duryée, (manager of the children’s department at her local Barnes and Noble) are starting their own children’s book blog soon. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming blog!


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