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Capture the Best Moments of Your Child’s Life Like a Pro

Debbie Glade shares her thoughts on a subject very important to all parents – taking great photos of their children.

The beautiful picture on the cover of Photograph Your Kids Like a Pro: How to Take, Edit and Display the Best Ever Photos of Your Kids, Whatever the Occasion  ($24.95, Firefly Books, Adults) is proof that author Heather Mosher knows what she’s talking about. Within the 160 meaty pages of this book are tips and tricks that would take you many years to learn on your own. If you’re like me and have a good camera, but haven’t really mastered all you can do with it, this book is for you.

To start, this book, although a paper back, features so many magnificent photographs of children it is worthy of coffee table book status. The essential first chapter helps you make sense of the many camera choices out there so you can buy the one that’s right for you. Mosher gives you tips on understanding how your camera works which is so important. After all, what’s the point in paying for a fabulous camera if you don’t really know how to use it to its fullest capacity?

The second chapter deals with light, shutter speed, depth of field and how to control your camera to make light work for you rather than against you. Chapters 3 and 4 take you into the mind of a professional photographer who knows how to create style and personality with each photo taken. Just when you think there cannot possibly be an original photo that has yet to be taken, this books show you there are many. Getting to know the personality of the subject can make all the difference.

My daughter Rachel and Darwin taken with my well-used Nikon D40

In Chapter 5 you’ll learn how to choose the proper location for your photo and how to set your camera to harmonize with whatever the weather may be at the time. Chapter 6 narrows in on specific themes for your photo shoot, with camera setting suggestions to help you get the perfect shot. In Chapter 7, the final chapter of the book, you’ll learn how to edit your pictures using various photo-editing software programs. There are even tips on how to display your photos and also a gallery of pictures that will absolutely leave you awestruck.

Photograph Your Kids Like a Pro is easy to read and an ideal manual for anyone who wants to photograph their children like a pro. It will inspire you and take you to new photographic heights as well as help you capture the best moments of your child’s life. What’s more important than that?

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Starring Mom

210690365Okay, so I’m still stuck on Mother’s Day, humor me. From the editors of LIFE Books comes LIFE With Mother (Time Inc. Home Entertainment, $17.95), densely packed with pictures of mothers throughout the last few decades in poignant and playful poses. Accompanying almost every photo are quotes and proverbs such as my personal favorite:

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.”

Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine

These, plus the varied selection of portraits from the past and present – from Diana, Princess of Wales to a Maryland mom of triplets – serve to celebrate moms around the world. This multi-faceted look at moms will warm any heart for Mother’s Day, a birthday, anniversary or to simply say you care.

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Mom and Me

9780887768668In this beautiful World Vision Early Reader book called Mom and Me in collaboration with Tundra Books of Canada, young children can read or be read to while admiring the touching pictures on every page.

Author Marla Stewart Konrad has captured in text what the numerous photographers have
captured in photos from around the world.  


mailWe see mom beaming with pride, carrying and feeding her children or simply doing what moms do best, comforting her child in a warm embrace. While the women portrayed may not dress the same or look the same as you or I, they share something in common with moms everywhere, the love of a child.  The colors are bold and vibrant as seen in a sari or a shawl, the scenes are varied from a village shop to a dirt road, but the message of a mother’s devotion to her offspring speaks volumes this Mother’s Day and every day.  Look for more new titles in this splendid series coming soon.

NOTE:  All royalties from the sale of this book go to support World Vision’s work with children.

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