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A Rollicking Good Time With Rhythm

stomp124_smallAdd buying tickets to Stomp to your must-do list today.  Last night I brought my husband to see the opening of the L.A. limited run (Jan. 26-Feb.7) and cannot thank him enough for urging me to attend!!  I had no preconceived notions of what to expect, and I can honestly say this show will not disappoint. Children and adults filled the packed Pantages Theatre and at the end, none of us wanted to leave. Maybe it was my seat’s proximity to the speakers, but I think not. There was a palpable energy last night encircling the audience and all credit goes to the amazingly talented cast for such an exuberant and skillful performance, the likes of which I’ve never seen elsewhere.

stomp2Billed as an “International Percussive Sensation,” Stomp is UNSTOMPABLE and during this tour, they’ve added some new surprises that are “the biggest since the late 1990s.” It seems there is nothing this group of young performers cannot turn into an instrument. I will never be able to look at a broom, a sink or for that matter, a folding chair, the same way again.  From a paper lunch bag to a truck tire’s inner tube, the Stomp crew created memorable music and creatively choreographed dance movements and skits to accompany every last beat.

stomp3I love a show with a sense of humor and this one had it whether it was simply suggestive (without words, only mimicry) like in the tube size certain characters were playing, where spotlights were focused, or with clever hand clapping. Without giving anything away, I’ll simply say that pulling the plugs from the portable sinks made for quite an entertaining moment on stage as did the superbly synchronized cigarette lighter sequence.  The lighting and set were brilliant and I cannot imagine any other way to stage a show like Stomp. When the cast clanged out a powerful performance while suspended above the stage, I knew I was experiencing one of the most enjoyable shows in decades and deserving of every honor it’s been awarded.

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