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Getting Back Into the Yard


b02635treasuresmFrom L.A. Parent’s Managing Editor, Christina Elston, comes this timely review as families make resolutions to get the kids (and themselves) off the couch and away from the computer.

Remember Follow the Leader, Kick the Can, neighborhood baseball? These were the things we did as kids when the grown-ups sent us outdoors to play. And without such enticements as chat rooms, iPods and Nintendo, these were the best game in town.

b02635baseballFor children of the electronic age who might not have learned these neighborhood pastimes (and consequently spend lots more time sitting), there’s a new series of books called Project Play ($9.99-$14.99,

b02635leadersmThe series features hardcover rhyming books for new readers (around ages 5-7) and paperback chapter books for the big kids (ages 8-12). Both sets of tales feature “Play it Again” Sam and his friends on the block as they play classic outdoor games. The narrative and illustrations are engaging enough to inspire your own kids to give these games a try – and the books oblige by including the rules. Hardcover books offer parents tips for getting the game going. The 5th installment in the series is called Ghosts In the Graveyard

Be a Character in Project Play’s Upcoming Book Contest:

From January – June 2010 they are accepting applications for children ages 5-12 to suggest a great game and story about that game for their next book.

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