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A Birthday Ball You Will Want to Catch!

9780547238692The Birthday Ball, ($16, ages 8-12) by Lois Lowry with illustrations by Jules Feiffer.

Take one pampered princess just shy of her 16th birthday, disguise her as a peasant, drop her in the local school with a “wicked handsome” schoolmaster and you have the premise for this quirky story from two-time Newbery Award-winning author Lois Lowry and Pulitzer Prize-winning artist Jules Feiffer. Bored beyond belief, Princess Patricia Priscilla trades frocks with servant Tess in order to explore life beyond her castle walls. She finds her true calling in life from the unfortunate yet inspirational schoolmaster, but still must choose from three prospective suitors at her upcoming birthday ball, and the pickings aren’t good. Told with more than a touch of tongue in cheek, The Birthday Ball entertains with laughs, lightheartedness and likeable characters.

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