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Aw Gee, Dad!

Untitled1With Father’s Day approaching, Debbie Glade reviews

I don’t come across many picture books about Dads, so I was especially happy to read this one. My Dad Thinks He’s Funny ($14.99, Candlewick Press, Ages 5- 8) is the ideal bedtime book for every child (and adult for that matter) who has a jokester for a dad.

Written by Australian author, Katrina Germein, this cute story told from the child’s point of view is all about the silly ways that Dad responds to his son. It will take you back to the days when your own dad or grandpa joked with you as a child. Perhaps these were the types of comments that made you roll your eyes, even though you loved hearing them.

“At bedtime when I ask Dad if I can stay up late he says, ‘Not tonight. But you can last night.'”

The book is written in simple prose, complemented nicely by the cartoon-like illustrations by Australian artist, Tom Jellett. This story will teach your kids a few plays on words and will make them feel proud to have a lighthearted comedian for a dad.

“When people say, ‘Would you like sugar? Dad says I’m sweet enough.'”

I hope My Dad Thinks He’s Funny inspires others to write more children’s books about dads! We sure could use some.

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