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It’s All in The Wrist

img00212Welcome to new guest reviewer, Angie C. Angie is an on-air radio personality and entertainment reporter. She worked for many years in Boston radio at heritage alternative station WFNX, and has also worked in various markets around the country including the legendary Indie 103.1 FM in Los Angeles. She can currently be heard weekdays on Angie is a wife, and mother of an energetic and creative 5-year old daughter named Kendall. She now calls Studio City, CA her home.

9780753463802I Can Draw: PETS, illustrated by Simon Abbott (MacMillan/Kingfisher), is a “wipe clean” book that teaches children how to draw basic animal shapes in a few quick steps. My 5 year old LOVES to draw, so this was right up her alley. Once she saw the basic outline of the animal she was off and running. It wasn’t long before she was drawing other animals and shapes in the book. The illustrations are simple and effective. This book definitely improved my daughter’s animal drawing ability! Very cute. EDITOR’S NOTE: This book is recommended for ages 3-6 and is part of the I Can Draw series of books.

img00215The first thing I’ll say about The Zoo I Drew by Todd H. Doodler (Random House) is how much I LOVE the cover. It’s corrugated (cardboard)! Or at least, it’s textured to feel that way. I’m big on textures. Once you open this book, you realize that 11this is an alphabetical tour of animals through the Zoo. (A is for Alligator, B is for Beaver…etc) The illustrations of the animals are very simple and cartoonish. The descriptions of the animals and their histories are cute and written in rhyme. I think I liked this book a bit more than my daughter did. Well, to be fair, it just held my attention longer than hers. I would say it’s probably more for 3 to 5 year olds.

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