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Hanukkah Around The World

hanukkah-around-the-worldHere’s a book for the whole family to share this December after the Menorah candles have gone out and all the latkes have been eaten. Called Hanukkah Around The World from Kar-Ben Publishing, this enlightening book, is written by Tami Lehman-Wilzig and illustrated by Vicki Wehrman.

booksFrom Istanbul, Turkey to Turin, Italy to Nabeul, Tunisia, readers are introduced to Hanukkah customs, traditions and recipes they’ll want to return to again and again.

I found the facts included both in each country section and in the end Hanukkah Potpourri end pages to be of particular interest. For example I had no idea it’s traditional to sing two songs after lighting the candles, nor did I know that Gerona, Spain has one of Europe’s best preserved medieval ghettos or that the Jewish community in Bukhara, Uzbekistan supposedly goes back 2,000 years.

books-1Between the beautifully drawn maps and other artwork plus the tempting international recipes and the handy glossary, there is much to enjoy and learn about. Whether you already celebrate The Festival of Lights or are just interested in other cultures, Hanukkah Around the World will take you on a fascinating journey.

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