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Cutie Pie Looks for the Easter Bunny: A Tiny Tab Book


Illustrated by Jannie Ho
(Nosy Crow; $7.99, Ages 0-3)


Cutie Pie Looks for The Easter Bunny Tiny Tabs book cover

There is so much to see and do in the Tiny Tab board books and Cutie Pie Looks for the Easter Bunny is no exception. With its ten chunky, die-cut pages and four easy-to-pull two-sided tabs, this book is packed with all the fun that an Easter egg hunt should be for little ones.

Cutie Pie is looking for the Easter Bunny!
Is the Easter Bunny in the woods?
No, but Dog and Squirrel are …
and they’ve each found an Easter egg!

Poor Cutie Pie sees all her friends finding Easter eggs. First in the woods, then in the playhouse, in the vegetable garden, and by the river, too. Whatever will she do? Well, one thing’s for sure, Cutie Pie won’t give up looking high and low to find where Easter Bunny’s hiding, and neither will your child. Once that elusive bunny’s found, readers will be delighted to see that Cutie Pie’s been rewarded with a beautiful blue egg she can call her own.

Cutie Pie finds pig and Hedgehog in the vegetable garden …
with blue and red eggs!

Ho’s signature rainbow-colored illustrations pop off every page, and all her adorable woods and farm characters including Owl, Horse, Turtle, Kitten, Duck and Mouse, are just a pull-tab away for curious little hands. The sentence structure is simple, but varied enough to hold an older reader’s interest. The questions posed, such as “Is that the Easter Bunny?” will have youngsters reaching for the tabs faster than you can say “jelly beans!” Add this sweet and sturdy book to your gift list this year and you won’t have to look very far for lots of happy faces!

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An Angel and A Dove at Easter

theangelandthedoveHow does a parent explain Easter to a youngster?   By  introducing them to an angel and a dove. These two characters, coupled with charming watercolors,  help author Sophie Piper and illustrator Kristina Stephenson achieve their goal of sharing the significance of this holiday to  pre-school and kindergarten-aged children.  In  The Angel and The Dove: A Story For Easter ($12.99, Lion Children’s, an imprint of Lion UK, distributed by Trafalgar Square Publishing from Independent Publishers Group) little ones learn about  life, rebirth and the return of Jesus on  a miraculous spring day.

Through beautiful imagery of butterflies, flowers, new baby chicks  and changing weather, along with sensitive text, parents can show their children that with every ending comes a new beginning and the very first Easter.

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