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Son of A Secret Agent Man


Avid reader and guest reviewer Vinny is back with his enthusiastic, glowing review of Alibi Junior High, by Greg Logsted. And to quote Vinny, “I REALLY liked it!!!”

I thought that the book Alibi Junior High, by Greg Logsted, was a fantastic book that tells of a CIA agent’s son’s experience as he tries to adapt to a life he had never known because he and his father worked undercover for an elite branch of the CIA hardly anyone had knowledge of, and he didn’t have the time to live it. This time, 13 year old Cody Saron’s father is working on a case he believes is too dangerous for his son to be involved in, so he sends Cody to live with the Aunt Jenny he never knew in the state of Connecticut. Surviving in this “normal” way of life, where kids do not partner with their fathers in the CIA, proves to be quite an interesting experience for Cody, and although he may be starting a new life, his past, such as the mysterious event at the café, will always haunt him forever more, and will become a central part of who Cody will become.

BG_AlibiJuniorHigh_cvr.inddWith his new friend from the army, Andy, fitting in seemed to come by a little easier, being that Andy was also doing service for the country, and all of his other friends also helped him fit in as best he could, from clothes to cool. Although life was difficult, especially at school, where he got escorted to the principal’s office many times a day, there is a sense of warmth that this new life has to offer, even if it’s in the simplest way. Could it be the way that Aunt Jenny and Cody seemed to get along well? It could also be many other things. This marvelous book offers mystery, crime, fighting, romance, suspicion, love, trust, protection, sense of instinct, and much more. Cody’s father gave him a simple instruction; to become the invisible boy. By the time they meet again, Cody could not have been more popular. Overall, I thought that this wonderful story was great, and perhaps the BEST book I have read in my own 13 years.

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