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Out of Print Literary Classics iPhone Cases

Book lovers, here’s your conversation starter!

BookLibraryCard iPhone5CaseYou may have seen Out of Print’s great greeting cards of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Melville’s Moby Dick or Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, but have you seen these book-inspired iPhone cases?

Out of Print has put together a new collection of cases for all iPhone 4/4s/5 users featuring images of some of your favorite classic books such as Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby, and The Call of The Wild.

iPhone 5


The iPhone 5 cases feature a slim hard shell snap-on case with a smooth matte finish and access to all buttons. The iPhone 4/4s cases feature a canvas plus plastic hard shell, access to all of the buttons and collaboration with speck designs.  They sell for $25.


Visit for more of their product selection including their 4 and 4S cases. See if your all time faves are there and then buy a tote and a t-shirt to make a set. They’ve got you covered!  And as always, for each case you purchase, a book is donated to a community in need.

About Out of Print:

Out of Print’s mission is to celebrate literature through fashion and help increase access to books around the world. Out of Print licenses and designs original artwork from iconic literary classics to create unique conversation starters in the form of apparel, tote bags, iPhone cases, stationery items, accessories and novelty gift items. To date, Out of Print has helped donate 600,000 books to communities in need through their partnership with Books For Africa.

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