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Starcrossed and Strong, A Female Character to Admire

Starcrossed ($17.99, HarperTeen, ages 13 and up) by Josephine Angelini is reviewed today by Amanda Hogg. 

Helen Hamilton is ridiculously strong, impervious to weapons, can travel between to the land of dead and guide people back from near death and, oh yeah – she’s gorgeous to boot. With all of that going for her, you might think her life should be a breeze. But unfortunately she’s still a teenager in love with Lucas Delos, a boy who’s passionate about her one minute and telling her that nothing will ever happen between them the next. Between that and the family of ancient Greek demi-gods that want her dead, Helen’s life has gotten extremely complicated.

Starcrossed is set up as a modern day Greek tragedy that deals with the themes of love, loss, vengeance and the relationship between men and gods. Readers will recognize many of the classic Greek mythology characters and story lines and may want to bust their Heroes, Gods and Monsters out of storage.

I’m loving all of the strong female characters in teen fiction right now and Helen Hamilton in Starcrossed is no exception. As Helen begins to learn and understand how to control her god-like skills, she becomes a confident woman, firm in her opinions and abilities. Although she pines for Lucas, she is never whiny nor does she sacrifice any part of herself. Her relationship with Lucas and her newfound abilities make her a stronger, better person. Angelini’s Starcrossed is packed with action and romance and the perfect amount of comic release. Watch this space for my review of her next book, Dreamless, coming soon


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Happy Father’s Day!

9781402242397I so enjoyed My Dad, My Hero because it reminded me of my father. While not a DYI guy or very sporty, like the father in this book, my dad would always make time for his children and he’d go to the ends of the earth for me or my brother (though not using super powers and surely in nothing too clingy). We cherished that love and devotion, and although he’s now retired and on the other side of the country, he’d still be here in a heartbeat if I needed him, and that’s why he’ll always be my hero. Click here to download a My Dad, My Hero Father’s Day card today!


Ethan Long, writer and illustrator of My Dad, My Hero ($12.99, Sourcebooks, ages 1-8) has created the ideal Father’s Day book. With whimsical and colorful artwork along with simply structured sentences, this picture book manages to humorously portray a son’s love for his father who is less than perfect. And while “He can not fly,” and is surely no superhero, his father always “spends a lot of time” with his son and that’s one powerful quality.

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