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Snoopy’s Too Cool For Words, But I’ll Find Them Anyway!

0762435836One of several recurring questions in my home these days comes from my son, Coleman. Born in London while we were Ex-Pats living there, Coleman wonders if he can become President. I realize he’s thinking big (see yesterday’s blog about Little Ant, Big Thinker), but I certainly don’t want to discourage him.  Can an American born on foreign soil became our nation’s leader?  As parents, my husband and I spend a lot of time telling Coleman he can be anything he’d like to be, so when I saw Running Press just published a hardcover (featuring my son’s favorite beagle, the beloved Peanuts character Snoopy) entitled Peanuts: You Can Be Anything! by Charles M. Schulz I knew I had to review the book.

Based on Schulz’s long running comic strip Peanuts featuring the inimitable Snoopy, the book gives anyone who needs a little inspiration just the right dose of  the first beagle on the Moon, Joe Cool or the World War II Flying Ace ready to take on that nasty Red Baron, all in crisp colors ready to jump off the page. My favorite, the world famous Literary Ace, reminds me that I still have a strip tacked to my bulletin board torn out from Newsday (my Long Island, NY newspaper) sometime in the late 70s when I imagined myself becoming a bestselling novelist.  I can still dream, can’t I? Need a great gift for a grad or simply want to bring some words of encouragement to your own little Beagle Scout – here’s the book for them.

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