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This Belongs To Me: Cool Ways to Personalize Your Stuff (Running Press Kids, $12.95, ages 9 and up) by Anna Wray is a new DIY book that will help any tween or teen find fun new ways to express their individuality. With the fab 14 projects featuring step-by-step instructions, it’s so easy for kids to customize clothes, accessories and even things in their bedroom.

0762449292So kids, say good-bye to boring shoes and shirts and hello to Doodle Sneakers or a Bar Code T-Shirt. Yep, here’s a way to stand out in a crowd. Pick a project, get your supplies ready and pretty soon you’ll be wearing a unique work of art.  It’s time to revisit masking tape and get creative with empty space. Plus the book includes plenty of blank pages where you can sketch your ideas before trying them out. I like the top tips each project offers in a gray box because sometimes we just don’t think outside the box.

Try out an assortment of design techniques such as graffiti, stenciling and collage (my personal fave). You may even come up with a way to combine several techniques in one project.  The best part is that since it belongs to you, you’re in charge.

My must-do project is the lampshade and, in addition to being inexpensive to make, it allows me, as the artist, the opportunity to make a shade to match any one of my sheet sets, quilt covers, curtains or go completely wild and design something totally new and exciting. I’m still in the sketching stage on that one, but I am very inspired.  Kids will be, too!

-Reviewed by Ronna Mandel

Bar Code T-Shirt

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