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You Better Watch Out!


I’m excited to share my review of  Santa is Coming to California, one title in a clever new series from Scotland based illustrator Robert Dunn and UK based author Steve Smallman published by Sourcebooks/Jabberwocky ($9.99, ages 4 and up).

Old Saint Nick is getting his Santa-nav ready by entering the correct coordinates for California and then off he will go! Imagine how much fun you’ll have reading this story to your children as you follow Santa’s sleigh and reindeer as they make tracks from the North Pole all the way to the Golden State! Not only will you love the spirited illustrations, but you’ll also love how the story subtly teaches a geography lesson.

9781402277757Santa and company get lost in fog, but when they get reoriented they are zooming over the Golden Gate Bridge and all of San Francisco’s notable sites. Eventually they make it to Hollywood plus other delightful points here and yonder despite some weary and hungry first-rate sleigh pullers.

If you’re not a California resident, you can take advantage of Santa is Coming To My House, virtually the same picture book with a different cover and without the specific city names and landmarks (hence some different illustrations) so any child anywhere can enjoy it!

So which list are you on?

-Reviewed by Ronna Mandel

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Christmas is for Cats (and Dogs) Too?

Debbie Glade reviews a most colorful and cute book about a cat and Christmas.

A Bad Kitty Christmas ($15.99, A Neal Porter Book/Roaring Book Press, ages 4 and up), written and illustrated by Nick Bruel, has one of the best book covers ever! Don’t you agree? It makes you just want to open the book and see what’s inside.

This cartoon-like book is about a black cat that makes a giant mess of all the Christmas decorations and gifts at her house. After being scolded, she runs away from home, and the family dog follows close behind her. What will it take to get the kitty and the family dog back home in time for Christmas? Read the story and you shall find out yourself. The verse is written in rhyme, and the illustrations are bold and fantastic.  This is a really cute book, and would make a great holiday gift for young children – especially those who love kittens.

If you aren’t a Bruel or Bad Kitty fan yet but your interest has been piqued, check out these  other cartoon books because they are all pretty awesome too.

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