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Peppa Pig Book Series from Candlewick Press

If you have a preschooler, chances are you know of Peppa Pig as seen on Nick Jr., the mud-loving, outgoing piglet. Candlewick Press has released several Peppa Pig books that your young children are sure to enjoy. Read Rita Zobayan’s review below of two recent books in the series.

Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School book cover
Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School, Candlewick Press, 2013.

In Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School, Peppa and her friends are busy preparing for Special Talent Day. However, Madame Gazelle reminds the class that there is much to do before the show. The students must practice their numbers and the alphabet. Next, they play store when they practice social skills and money management. This very busy day also includes art, lunch, recess, and music! Finally, it’s time for the Special Talents show and the class is excited, but Peppa Pig begins to worry. Everyone else seems to have better talents and then Suzy Sheep unknowingly performs Peppa’s talent, and Peppa thinks she has nothing else to show.

“I don’t have a special talent that hasn’t been done already,” says Peppa.

“Of course you do,” says Madame Gazelle. “Think of something you really like to do.”

Peppa is quiet. She thinks. Then she smiles. “I know!” she says. She grabs her boots. “Follow me!”

The cast of characters are friendly and school structure is realistic. Not everyone gets everything right. For example, when the eager students pick their instruments, the music doesn’t quite sound the way they hoped.

Everyone plays together: Boom, bang, crash!

“Oh, my!” cries Madame Gazelle. “That sounds a bit more like noise than music! Let’s go one at a time…then each of you can join in.”

Thus, the students learn how to manage themselves and listen well. Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School is a great example from which preschoolers can learn the components of school and how to cope with its demands.

(Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School; Candlewick Press, Hardcover; $12.99; Paperback, $4.99, ages 2-5)

Peppa Pig and the Perfect Day book cover
Peppa Pig and the Perfect Day, Candlewick Press, 2013.

For hands-on fun, Peppa Pig and the Perfect Day presents an opportunity to read and play. Peppa and her family are spending a perfect day together. They ride past a duck pond and picnic in the park. Later, Peppa’s friends, Danny Dog and Suzy Sheep, come over to play. Next, Peppa’s family and friends gather on Grandpa Pig’s boat for sailing fun.

Your little one can play as you read. The book comes with a sturdy fold-out playmat that features the seaside, gas station, grocery story, duck pond, and Peppa’s house.  Add the removable car and boat pop-ups, the press-out characters (Peppa, her family, and some friends), and the reusable stickers (including life vests—how thoughtful!), and you have a Peppa Pig play world. My four-year-old daughter greatly enjoys playing with this book. (And though she’d probably be too proud to admit it, my nine-year-old has been spotted playing alongside. In fact, she was the one who assembled the car and boat.)  Peppa Pig and the Perfect Day provides playtime fun.

(Peppa Pig and the Perfect Day; Candlewick Press; $17.99; ages 3 and up)


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