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Lisa Loeb Gets Zany and Disappointed by Pancakes

Lisa Loeb’s sing-along book has got Debbie Glade humming …

It’s impossible not to smile while reading singer/songwriter/actress Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along ($14.95, Sterling Children’s Books, ages 4 and up) and listening to the accompanying CD, featuring 10 songs. Though not brand new, the book is clever, original and just as silly as its title promises. Between the ultra thick hard covers you’ll find 24 pages of lyrics and cute illustrations by Ryan O’Rourke. Some of the tunes are familiar while others are original. Loeb performs all of the songs on the CD, many of which she wrote, and her voice is clear and animated.  Background vocals are performed by children, encouraging readers to sing along at home. You’ll love the way Loeb gives a background of each song in the book, sharing her childhood memories and silly tidbits. Kids will love reading while listening to the CD, and I promise parents will find the music soothing, rather than annoying, like some children’s music. What a fun book to bring along on a long family car ride or just to listen to at home or even at a birthday party. Oh, and you’ll get a real kick out of the lyrics for “The Disappointing Pancake.”

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