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Where the Falcon Flies, I Shall Fly Too


At one time or another, surely you’ve wished you could be a bird soaring high above the earth, riding the wind and landing high atop trees and buildings. I certainly have. Falcon ($17.99, Random House, Ages 3 and up) written and beautifully illustrated by Tim Jessell is a picture book that takes us on a glorious journey of a regal falcon gliding over mountains, soaring over seas and diving between buildings in a big city. In real life, Tim Jessell has been a falconer, training these birds to hunt for prey for the past 25 years. He used his expertise to create this informative and visually engaging story that will capture the heart of every child.

The book starts with the vision of a boy wishing he were a falcon, and the rest of the story takes us through his perception of what that would be like. Throughout the story, readers learn about the places falcons go, what they see and how they live. The illustrations are spectacular and so detailed that you’ll find yourself taking a second look to see if the falcon is actually a photograph rather than an illustration. Read this book to your child at bedtime. The prose, along with birds-eye views in the illustrations will make your child want to fly too, and he or she surely will have the sweetest of dreams.

Debbie Glade is today’s reviewer.

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