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Bedtime Stories Project & Betty White

bwhite19Whether you’ve seen her on Saturday Night Light or at one of her many nationwide appearances (and upcoming 2011 calendar), Betty White, at 80+ years-old, is a comedic force to be reckoned with! Recently, in addition to corralling Betty White to read some classics to kids,, conducted a survey by IPSOS, as part of the Bedtime Stories Project – an effort to celebrate bedtime stories.

The top findings are as follows:

  • America’s all-time favorite bedtime story is “Goodnight Moon”
  • 37% parents of children 7 and under report that original bedtime stories are their children’s favorite
  • 74% of parents have created original stories

The above results prompted’s BedtimeStories story submission effort – one submission was read by Betty White at an event earlier this summer and another illustrated by renowned artist Bill Nelson in July.

  • While 65 percent said that mom was in charge of the bedtime story, just 22 percent said the duty usually fell to dad
  • Three in ten (27%) parents of parents aged 7 or younger report that their children have a television in their room
  • bwhite27Those that do are nearly twice as likely to say they don’t most often read bedtime stories (52%) as those without a TV in the bedroom (29%), and are nearly five-times more likely to say they typically watch TV before bed (26%) than those without a TV in their room (6%)
  • Moreover, those with a TV in their room are significantly more likely (50%) to go to bed after 8:35pm than those without a TV in their room (28%)

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