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What the Heck is Your Dog Thinking?

Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know ($12.99 Sourcebooks, Family Reading) by Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson is downright cute and clever. A panel of 11 dogs share their insight on a wide variety of topics relating to well, being a dawg.  Think of it as a cheeky, humorous blog for people, written by their pets. Cuteness aside – all the entries are actually very helpful to dog owners.  Inside you will learn why dogs wag their tails, how they feel when you dress them up in silly costumes, the lowdown on walks, why they eat your furniture, why they love car trips and so much more. In addition to the fun and helpful information, the book is visually appealing. Each entry includes a headshot of the canine “writer,” and the pages are very colorful.  I love the fact that this book is both laugh-out-loud entertaining and includes so much valuable information about dogs I have not read in any other book.

Note: This book was not written for children, but the subject matter of pets applies to the entire family. There are a couple of entries in this book that parents may find are not appropriate for young children.

-Reviewed by Debbie Glade

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