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Horrid is The New Hilarious

Meet Therese Louk who says, “As a teacher of second graders and a mother of boys, I could not stop laughing when reading the new Horrid Henry book with my son, Robbie.” The author, Francesca Simon, and illustrator, Tony Ross, are well known in Great Britain and their best-selling Horrid Henry series has just been released here.

Happy to Read These Horrid Tales

hh-s“I never knew being horrid could be so fun!” says Therese. “Francesca Simon’s series of Horrid Henry books are hilarious and mischievious adventures that are guaranteed to keep children reading. Each book has four fun adventures featuring young Henry and his friends. I recently finished the first book and can’t wait to continue on the series.” Read on to learn more of what today’s guest reviewer has to say.


In this first book, Horrid Henry tries to be like his brother, Perfect Peter. Leave it to Henry to figure out a way to act “horrid.”

The second story has Henry begging to go to Saturday karate classes instead of dance class. Only Henry can find the way to adequately ruin the dance performance and get kicked out.

The third story has Henry playing with his friend Moody Margaret. Henry easily finds a way to get everyone to eat “glop,” everyone that is, except him!

The last story in this first book has Henry and his family out camping. Wilderness camping was not what Henry had expected. No doubt, Henry finds a way out of the situation.

I cannot wait to read all the other titles in the hysterical Horrid Henry series from Jabberwocky. I will have them stocked in my classroom from now on.


NOTE FROM RONNA: Click on this great website from Jabberwocky to find out more about the other terrific titles (Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Time Machine, Horrid Henry and the Mummy’s Curse, and Horrid Henry and the Soccer Fiend) in this series as well as other special offers from this innovative publishing company. The recommended age for these books is from 7-10 years-old.

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