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Limited Only By Your Imagination

Dog Loves Drawing by author/illustrator Louise Yates ($16.99, Knopf Books for Young Readers, Ages 4 and up) is a most imaginative book. It is a story about Dog who loves reading books so much he opens his own book store. One day his aunt sends him a blank book, which he finds to be refreshingly different than the books he’s used to reading. This one is a blank book – a sketch book with no words and no pictures.  So Dog sharpens his pencil and gathers his brushes and draws a stickman. Miraculously that stickman comes to life and together, with one drawing after another, they doodle their way into a glorious imaginative adventure.

I have no doubt that Dog Loves Drawing  will stir up creativity in your child in a most clever and original manner.  Dog teaches us that we are limited only by our own imaginations. What’s better than a dog who loves to read and owns a book store? The darling drawings are made to look like those a child might make, but only more advanced. And I love the fact that Dog writes his aunt a thank you note for the sketch book she gave him. I’m a major advocate of writing thank you notes!

Before Dog Loves Drawing was written, Yates penned Dog Loves Books. Both of these titles would be a lovely addition to any child’s library. Consider making a holiday gift package with a set of colored pencils and a sketch book for the child in your life.

Reviewed by Debbie Glade.

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I Made This For You

danny-graduation1Guest reviewer Erin is a wife, a third grade teacher
as well as the the mother of two sons, ages 10 and
13 years old. Reading, and creating fun,
learning experiences based on books are her passions.
She also enjoys running, baking, the beach and hiking in local mountains.

9780811868631_normLooking for a fun way to entertain your children on your summer road trip, and create holiday presents at the same time? It couldn’t get better for the busy mom. I Made This For You! The Incredible Draw-a-Picture, Write-A-Message Gift that kids can make themselves, published by Chronicle Books, is the answer. This adorable stand up flip book will easily fit in your purse to keep active children busy while running errands, at restaurants or on those long summer drives. Each page has a pre-printed title, a framed box for your child to draw in and lines below for a brief caption. Titles include everything from, “I made this picture of me for you!” to “I made this ice cream sundae for you!”

Don’t limit yourself to drawings. If you have a precious picture of your darling eating that ice cream sundae, attach the picture inside the frame instead of a drawing on that page. On the “I made this sand castle for you!” page, put a picture of your child playing at the beach. 9780811868631_detailThe end of the book has empty titles to create your own pages. Carry it around all summer and you not only have creatively occupied your children but also completed a wonderful holiday present for the grandparents. It is the must have book of the summer for all moms.

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