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Cover Reveal, Interview + Giveaway for 30,000 Stitches by Amanda Davis

30,000Stitches cover



Written by Amanda Davis  

Illustrated by Sally Wern Comport

Associate Publisher-WorthyKids/Hachette Book Group: Peggy Schaefer




30,000Stitches int3
The torn and tattered flag emerges after seven long years of waiting. Interior spread from 30,000 Stitches written by Amanda Davis and illustrated by Sally Wern Comport, WorthyKids ©2021.


GRWR: Thanks to you both for this revealing Q&A. I know I learned tons and am sure our readers did, too! 

2. Amanda is also giving away a 30-minute Zoom call for a picture book author or author-illustrator to discuss a current project and/or answer industry questions OR a 30-minute classroom visit for educators and librarians.

Get extra entries when you pre-order a signed copy of 30,000 Stitches from Silver Unicorn Bookstore here. Please DM a screenshot of the receipt to Amanda on Twitter @amandadavisart.

To enter this portion of the giveaway:

  • Retweet this post on Twitter
  • In the comments below, share a recent bright spot you experienced that gave you hope or joy. Please note that all posts are moderated prior to appearing so be assured your comments will be seen and posted and your name will be added to Amanda’s generous giveaway.
    Good luck!”  

Deadline to enter the contest is Thursday February 4th, at 5:00 PM EST. Amanda will announce winners on Friday, February 5th via Twitter. 


Amanda Davis headshot
Author Amanda Davis and Cora ©Angela Wood Photography


Amanda Davis is a teacher, artist, writer, and innovator who uses her words and pictures to light up the world with kindness. After losing her father at the age of twelve, Amanda turned to art and writing as an outlet. It became her voice. A way to cope. A way to escape. And a way to tell her story. She was thus inspired to teach art and pursue her passion for writing and illustrating children’s books.

Through her work, Amanda empowers younger generations to tell their own stories and offers children and adults an entryway into a world of discovery. A world that can help them make sense of themselves, others, and the community around them. A world where they can navigate, imagine, and feel inspired—over and over again.

Amanda is the recipient of the 2020 Ann Whitford Paul—Writer’s Digest Most Promising Picture Book Manuscript Grant and teaches art at a public high school in Massachusetts where she was selected as 2020 Secondary Art Educator of the Year. Amanda is the author of 30,000 STITCHES: THE INSPIRING STORY OF THE NATIONAL 9/11 FLAG and has poetry and illustrations featured in The Writers’ Loft Anthology, FRIENDS AND ANEMONES: OCEAN POEMS FOR CHILDREN. When she’s not busy creating, you can find her sipping tea, petting dogs, and exploring the natural wonders of The Bay State with her partner and rescue pup, Cora. You can learn more about Amanda at and on Twitter @amandadavisart and Instagram @amandadavis_art.


Check out all the other websites on this exciting cover reveal blog tour.



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  1. Congratulations! My brother is a 9/11 survivor and I have been stumped on how to share about the day with my young son. I am excited to have this amazing and uplifting resource.

    1. I agree that this is the right read for parents to share with youngsters, Kristen. It’s an uplifting story about how the National 9/11 Flag brought people together to heal and to honor.

    2. THIS. This is why I wrote this. Thank you so much for sharing that special sentiment, Kristen. I hope the story makes discussions around 9/11 accessible to our children while highlighting the hope that can come out of difficult times. I’m so glad your brother survived the tragedy and hope that he, too, can find solace in the story of the flag. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Thank you for reading the interview and taking the time to share your own connection. x – Amanda

  2. I can’t wait to read this book! I love stories of hope and resilience, stories that tell how light can shine even in the darkest of times. I am currently working on a story with a similar theme. I believe so strongly in showing kids how people can and do get through difficult times. It is so powerful! Thank you for writing this book. And some hopeful news, my son has been cancer-free for five years, all thanks to an experimental treatment. There is good news on the horizon for cancer treatment!

    1. Wow! This is so amazing, Kaye! Your son’s story is inspiring. I remember you mentioning it in another connection that we made online. I’m so happy that there is hope and light in the future of cancer treatments as well. It struck our family in the past and can be a scary and difficult thing for all involved. It’s so important to continue to search for the bright spots in order to get through. I can’t wait to read your own light-filled story. We need those books in the world. Hugs to you and your son, and thanks for sharing! – Amanda

    2. I second that, Kaye. I hope we’re entering a brighter new era. I’m happy and encouraged by your son’s great news. As a cancer survivor family, we understand resilience and hope, too. I’m wishing for your son’s continued good health.

  3. “…a beautiful and symbolic parallel between the transformative healing of both the American people and the flag. As the flag heals, the people do, too.” Boy, this quote really touched me. As it seems to apply to our country now. Amanda, I look forward to getting your book and learning more about this flag I always wondered about it since 911. Congratulations!

    1. Isn’t that the truth, Cathy?! Having lived abroad during 9/11, I was finally able to briefly visit the Memorial in 2018, but didn’t know about the flag then. Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts.

  4. Oh and my bright spot… seeing the new ultrasound of the grandson we will welcome in July. I haven’t been able to hug his sister or his dad and mom for a year. I’m hoping by July things will improve so that I can be holding him.❤️

    1. Hi Cathy! I’m glad those words stood out to you. I agree that it can be applied to our situation today. I hope the story is a good reminder that we can come out of it whole again. Thanks for reading and also sharing your bright spot. I hope you are able to see your family and soon-to-be grandson very soon. I keep telling myself, good thing for technology! Hang in there! x

  5. My bright spot today? The sun broke through the clouds after several days of rain. Yay! 30,000 stitches sounds like a great mentor text for a NFPB I’m working on right now, so I’m eager to read it! And that cover definitely captures a sense of hopefulness. Congrats, Amanda!

    1. It’s the opposite for us here in L.A., Jilanne. Lots of rain, but that means snow on the mountains and more water for our state which makes me hopeful! What I love about the cover is how so many people can see themselves in it and feel the positive sense of connectivity.

    2. Hi Jilanne! Thanks for sharing your bright spot and for reading the interview. A sunny day always helps lift the mood 🙂 So glad 30,000 STITCHES will be helpful in your own writing! Can’t wait to share it! Cheers!

  6. Congratulations, Amanda! My day’s bright spot was finishing work on time (no extended hours), chatting with my son about his plans for the future, and figuring out how to make an eye of round roast that is tender, not dry! Mission accomplished!

    1. Hi Shaunda! Thanks for your continued support 🙂 Sounds like a wonderfully successful day. With remote work, I’ve been struggling with boundaries and stopping work “on time”. It’s easy to let it bubble over into off hours so good for you for accomplishing that. Yay!

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