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Children’s Picture Book Review – A Girl Like You



by Frank Murphy and Carla Murphy

Illustrated by Kayla Harren

(Sleeping Bear Press; $16.99; Ages 4-8)



Girl Like You cover



In A Girl Like You teacher/coach/author Frank Murphy, and first time picture book author Carla Murphy, along with illustrator Kayla Harren, celebrate all the wonderful ways there are to be a girl in this world and empower girls to be strong, daring, brave and bold.

Harren’s beautifully composed art introduces a diverse group of people and age ranges packed together as our confident main character stands amongst them with her companion dog right by her side reminding the reader that there may be billions of people but you are the only YOU there is! The eye-catching water colors brighten the pages as the reader travels through the life of this young girl as she runs for student council, stands up for herself and finds new talents. And in each colorful circular drawing her sweet little pup is always there for support. Bold letters highlight that Brave, girl, try new things.


Girl Like You int1
Interior spread from A Girl Like You written by Frank Murphy and Carla Murphy with illustrations by Kayla Harren, Sleeping Bear Press ©2020.


Young readers see that there are endless possibilities and that childhood is a great time to try new things. (Adults will see that it’s not too late for them either). The authors’ words tell the reader that she can work hard at things. Mistakes are essential to success. So stick with it. As the reader turns the page, another line of bold letters say Bold girl, speak up. Harren paints girls of all sizes raising their hands in schooI.

This empowering picture book teaches children about friendship, thoughtfulness and empathy, topics so crucial to our times, while emphasizing how important taking care of yourself is in order to fulfill your dreams. Smart girl, take care of your heart. Embrace and care for the body you are in. Your unique traits are what make you especially beautiful. And ESPECIALLY you!


Girl Like You int2
Interior spread from A Girl Like You written by Frank Murphy and Carla Murphy with illustrations by Kayla Harren, Sleeping Bear Press ©2020.


Witnessing America’s first Black and South Asian female vice president being sworn in has helped girls see that their dreams can come true. Reading this book is a another great example showing girls they should take pride in being [the] one and only you. Unlike anyone else, ever before. Murphy and Murphy’s words resonate. Simple yet powerful, they recognize everyone’s uniqueness

The Author’s Note explains how children are treated differently whether boy, girl or other gender identity and that their purpose for this book was to help kids feel empowered to find their passions and strengths. Pediatric nurse, Carla Murphy, encourages the reader to make choices that serve their health. Writing teacher, Frank Murphy, includes a writing activity for kids to create a gratitude journal with parents or teachers asking them to record three things a day.

This story, a companion title to A Boy Like You, brought joy to my heart and I believe will positively impact children and adults who read it as well. Its beautiful, warm message should be read over and over again because the world needs a girl … a caring and strong girl, a bold and brave girl, an unstoppable girl. A girl like you.

  •  Reviewed by Ronda Einbinder


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