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Little Bee Books Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Giveaway


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Cuddles_For_MommyCuddles for Mommy
Written by Ruby Brown
Illustrated by Tina Macnaughton
(Little Bee Books; $16.99, Ages 4-8)
Here’s a read aloud picture book moms won’t tire of sharing with youngsters on Mother’s Day or any day. What kind of cuddle do you like best? There are all kinds of cuddles and in the pages of this sweet picture book, Little Owl is wondering which one’s her favorite and decides to try them all. Mommy Owl is on the joyful receiving end of all the hugs.


The good morning – a wake up time cuddle.
The good-bye – a leaving for school cuddle.
The “I’m sorry” – a way to apologize for doing something wrong cuddle.
The “I’m scared” – when mommy’s reassuring hug helps quell fears and makes nightmares go away.
There are also the thank you cuddle, happy cuddle, the proud cuddle, the “I’m sick” cuddle, and the good night cuddle. But the best kind of cuddle for any time or any place is the Mommy Cuddle “Just because I love you!” And that’s sure hard to argue with. Brown has picked cuddles for her book’s subject and it works wonderfully. She’s created a feel good picture book that’s great for story time or bedtime. And since it’s just the right length, Cuddles for Mommy will leave lots of time for some quality cuddling at the end. I hadn’t ever considered how many cuddles and hugs we give to one another, but I’m glad Brown did. Macnaughton’s chosen a variety of background colors to highlight her illustrations that also add a cheery mood to this story. Plus, with her depictions of Little Owl and Mommy Owl, she’s found a way to make the cuddling of the two owls look believable without turning their bodies into cartoon characters. An endearing story for a special holiday, Cuddles for Mommy would make a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Interior artwork from Cuddles for Mommy written by Ruby Brown with illustrations by Tina Macnaughton, Little Bee Books © 2016


The_Best_Part_of_Daddys_DayThe Best Part of Daddy’s Day
Written and illustrated by Claire Alexander
(Little Bee Books; $16.99, Ages 4-8)
The strong message of love in both Cuddles for Mommy and The Best Part of Daddy’s Day is an important one for young readers. I may have guessed the ending in Alexander’s new picture book, The Best Part of Daddy’s Day, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying every page and remembering my son feeling the same way at the same age as Bertie, the narrator. Bertie wishes he could spend the day with his dad, but dad’s a builder and must make tracks to work while Bertie goes to school. Throughout the course of Bertie’s school day, he finds himself thinking about his dad and trying to recreate the experience of being a builder. Sometimes he has success and other times he doesn’t – like when a classmate gets footprints on Bertie’s artwork of a crane like the one his dad operates. The highlight of Bertie’s school day is climbing to the top of the jungle gym where he is certain he can see his dad up in the crane constructing a skyscraper. When school ends it turns out Bertie’s daddy has had quite similar experiences at his job, even spotting his son on the jungle gym! But during a bedtime story, Bertie’s dad reveals that the best part of his day isn’t actually when he’s at work. No, it’s when he comes home and gets to snuggle up close to his son. Bertie agrees that the feeling is mutual. Alexander’s written a delightful story for budding builders and those who dream of following in a parent’s footsteps. The watercolor illustrations are tender yet playful, just perfect for the subject matter. Make reading The Best Part of Daddy’s Day the best part of your day and get a copy today.

Interior artwork from The Best Part of Daddy’s Day written and illustrated by Claire Alexander, Little Bee Books © 2016.
  • Reviewed by Ronna Mandel

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  1. My favorite of all time Mother’s Day was when my husband was working out of town and my young sons had to rely on their own devices. They made homemade cards (the best), cut wildflowers for a bouquet, and baked an interesting looking but full of love cake. They made the day so special that thinking about it still kind of brings tears to me eyes.

  2. I remember buying my mom concert tickets to her favorite girl singer a few years ago. She was so surprised!

  3. My daughters made me a snack platter,it was the sweetest thing. They put together some weird stuff and I was freaked out but thwy were so sweet so couldn’t hurt their feelings. They always do the sweetest things for me.

  4. All my mothers days are great memories it is hard to pick one. My Kids and my husband always seem to make mothers day so special every year

  5. A few years ago my mom, my daughter and I all spent mother’s day together at a park – just the three of us. It was the best mother’s day I’ve ever had! My mom and I spent the afternoon playing with my daughter on the playground and we couldn’t have been happier!

  6. Hand made cards from the kids, made at school or home if they were littler, are my favorite Mother’s Day gift! That and the year my husband took all the kids to a dollar store because he was short on money and let them each pick out a gift . I have a teddy bear heart ceramic picture frame, a ceramic pair of birds, and a ceramic heart trinket box with ceramic roses on the top. They are priceless treasures because they picked them out by themselves with love.

  7. My favorite Mothers Day was when my now-teens were just toddlers. I came downstairs to find my hubby & toddlers doing all the laundry in the house!

  8. My daughter made me a hand print picture craft for Mother’s Day last year, I treasure it!

  9. I remember making my mom breakfast in bed. My boys do the same for me!

  10. I remember the first time I made my mom breakfast in bed and she was so surprised and happy.

  11. My parents have both passed several years ago. My niece is a mom to 2 toddlers whom I love to visit and play with 🙂 The youngest just turned 3 so his verbal skills are just starting to be better understood; therefore this will be the first year that they can both verbalize Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s Day so that will be a nice memory to have 🙂

  12. I think of more recent Mothers Days taking my MIL to brunch. She is 93 & she thinks she won’t ‘eat her money’s worth’ but she enjoys prime rib, waffles and desserts! It’s so cute & precious.

  13. One year for Mother’s Day, my dad and I tried making mom a french toast muffin… Instead of adding sugar, we added salt accidentally. The expression on my mom’s face when she bit into that muffin was hilarious because she tried to hide her disgust by smiling through that bite. Hahah, we never made that mistake again.

    1. I did that once by adding baking soda instead of cornstarch to a pot pie recipe. Whoa, that was horrid. But unlike your mom, I couldn’t do a poker face. I laugh just thinking about her acting ability and the humor in that episode.

  14. I remember taking my Mom and Dad out to a very nice Italian restaurant(now closed, sadly) for Mother’s Day a few years ago. It was one of the best meals I have ever had in a restaurant.

  15. I remember always buying my mommy flowers .. Now my kids doing the same,the little one is going to the garden and showing me that whole rose bush is yours mommy 🙂 !

  16. When Mumb came home from night shift an surprised here with breakfast and flowers and a foot massage she loved it

  17. I remember waking up early and making my mom a good Mother’s day breakfast for years and year. She really loved it!

  18. My best Mother’s Day was the year my son drove in from college and surprised me at church!

  19. I remember hanging out with my dad AND my mom when they were still together- it was very fun!

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