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A Giveaway to Celebrate 10 Years of Stink Moody


It’s Children’s Book Week and We’re Celebrating.

We’re delighted to get all Stinky with it as the Stink series marks ten years on the scene. And what better way to celebrate Judy Moody’s hilarious and curious younger brother than with a generous giveaway of books courtesy of Candlewick Press! We’ll be following up this giveaway with an in-depth interview with author Megan McDonald so please watch this space.

If you’ve read or heard of the popular Judy Moody series of books by Megan McDonald, then you’ll also be familiar with Judy’s younger brother, Stink. The last decade has seen Stink get his own book series (he’s got more than nine titles now if you count his Stink-O-Pedias) while growing in popularity, so much so that he’s even getting his own celebration from publisher Candlewick Press. The best thing about the Stink series is how McDonald weaves STEM into every plot, whether it’s about the solar system, sharks and guinea pigs or sneaker sniffing, and makes it fun. There are fascinating facts along with Reynolds’ funny cartoons included in every book so children learn while laughing. Sure to pull in reluctant readers, these chapter books are filled with just the right amount of illustrations, Stink-y humor, and lovable characters to keep kids coming back for more.

SharkSleepovercvr.jpgIn honor of this super sniffer, letter S loving “spotlight stealer,” we’re singing Stink’s praises and giving away three books including a brand new illustrated first chapter book and two new paperback releases. All books are perfect for adding to your child’s collection or for giving away to a fun-loving fan or school library.

Stink and the Shark Sleepover by Megan McDonald with illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds (Candlewick; $4.99, Ages 6-9)

When a first chapter is called There Will Be Sharks you just have to read on! The Moodys have won an overnight trip to the aquarium and everyone’s going to be there including Stink’s best buddy Webster, that oh-so-annoying classmate, Riley Rottenberger, and sharks, lots of ’em. But there’s just one catch, after an evening full of activities, Stink’s heard a scary story about Bloody Mary and he’s creeped out so much that he can’t fall asleep. A ghostly red glow and mysterious noise coming from a door nearby doesn’t help matters. Stink might have to pull a prank, or two, because Judy is sleeping a little too peacefully in the presence of sharks.

Click here to read a sample chapter.
Click here to download an activity kit.
Click here for a teacher’s guide.

MasterofDisastercvr.jpgJudy Moody and Friends: Stink Moody in Master of Disaster by Megan McDonald with illustrations by Erwin Madrid (Candlewick; $12.99, Ages 4-6)
Geared for “newly independent readers,” the Judy Moody and Friends series will breed a whole new flock of Judy and Stink fans. There are just a few chapters, large print, colorful illustrations and an engaging storyline. As this story begins, Judy and Stink are sleeping out in the backyard in the hopes of seeing comet P/2015OZ4, also known as the Sherman-Holm comet. Or in Stink’s case, the Sherlock-Holmes comet. The space theme is carried through when Stink, convinced that a giant asteroid is speeding toward Earth, decides to build an asteroid-proof bunker in the basement, transforming into Asteroid Boy to save the day.
Interior artwork from Stink Moody in Master of Disaster by Megan McDonald with illustrations by Erwin Madrid, Candlewick Press ©2015.

TheBigBadBlackoutcvr.jpgJudy Moody & Stink: The Big Bad Blackout by Megan McDonald with illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds (Candlewick; $6.99, Ages 6-9)

With its cool glow-in-the-dark title on the cover, this paperback edition of Judy Moody & Stink: The Big Bad Blackout is certain to entice some nighttime reading under the covers by flashlight. A big storm, a blackout and time off from school – what could get more exciting than that? Add Grandma Lou visiting with a host of her pets to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for fun family time together. And some great stories to boot. Speaking of boots, Judy and Stink are going to be needing them with the amount of rain that’s in store.  But there are double rainbows at the end plus tips on what things kids can do during a blackout (reading books by candlelight, flashlight or headlamp is one of ’em) making this book a must-have for any home library.
Interior artwork from Judy Moody & Stink: The Big Bad Blackout by Megan McDonald with illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds, Candlewick Press ©2015.

Visit to learn more about the character and his super series of books.

– Reviewed by Ronna Mandel

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  1. He’s got a great imagination, that sometimes gets away from him!

  2. My grandson loves to do new things, exciting things! He’s always learning and is excited to learn. We’d love to win!

  3. My girl loves Judy Moody, not far fetched that she’d like these, too! (And I liked your FB page, too!)

  4. My son is super smart and has a big imagination like Stink! He’s big on personality! Oh and he’s also a pesky little brother sometimes haha.

  5. i think my little niece would love this book love to win this

  6. My son is like Stink…He’s got a vivid imagination. The things that his mind comes up with is simply amazing. My daughter is like Judy Moody the things that my child comes up with!!

    1. I love that STINK reads the S book of the encyclopedia. It’s something I did when I was his age. Not as easy when everything’s online nowadays!

  7. My oldest loves to make up adventures (Pirate treasure hunt, Princess adventures, etc..) with her younger sisters. She has adored the Judy Moody series since she was introduced.

  8. The book about the stinky sneakers…. That’s so my kids. Lol My son also has a big imagination though 😉

  9. My daughter is a huge Judy Moody fan, and just like Judy, she can be precocious at times. Her imagination is huge, and she dreams of being involved in shenanigans just like Judy.

  10. my daughter has a great imagination, always building forts and trying to have huge adventures .. shes so funny and would love these books

  11. My grandson is just getting old enough to enjoy books. He would love this series. He is my little Stink.

  12. She’s always up for a new adventure and pretty much game for anything!

  13. My grandson is a bit shy so I’m not sure he’s very similar. Although, he does like adventures and doing fun things! 🙂

  14. My niece loves Judy Moody because one of her aunts is named Judy lol 😉 *and no it’s not me, it’s my sister lol

  15. My son has such a fun playful imagination. Specially when it comes to sharks and dinosaurs 🙂

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