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Socks! by Tania Sohn

Socks! by Tania Sohn is reviewed by Rita Zobayan.

0006135_socks_300Colorful socks are for more than just keeping tootsies warm. A young girl and her adorable kitty explore what they can do with an armful of socks in Tania Sohn’s picture book, Socks! (Kane Miller EDC Publishing, 2014, $9.99, ages 2-5).

The striped socks inspire the girl to dress up like a witch and the green socks are an opportunity to hop like a frog. Knee socks are the perfect length to imitate an elephant’s trunk. What’s in the package? Special socks called beoseon that Grandma sent from Korea.

Simple in its language and concept, Socks! is a guide to seeing these everyday accessories as more than mere footwear. With a little imagination, a child can transform these foot warmers into puppets or even use them as an opportunity to become a super hero.

Socks are fun. Socks are colorful. We love socks!

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Cathy Mealey

This looks like a fun book to pair with another super sock story: Duck Sock Hop! by Jane Kohuth.

MaryAnne Locher
MaryAnne Locher

I used to make puppets and dolls from socks as a child. This book sounds like it will spur even more creativity!

danielle @ this picture book life

Love some sock love! 🙂

C.L. Murphy

I adore the sound of this book! Super cute!

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