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A Big Bear And a Little Egg

Hank Finds an Egg by Rebecca Dudley (Peter Pauper Press, Inc., $16.99; ages 3 and up) is reviewed by Rita Zobayan.


I fell in love with Hank Finds an Egg in no time flat. It is the sweet, endearing story of Hank, a bear, who finds an egg on the forest floor and wants to return it to its nest.  Capturing the sense a child’s desire to help, the story follows Hank as he tries to problem solve. How will he return the egg when the nest is up so high and he is so little? Hank carefully tends to the egg as he attempts to help. Even when his plans do not work, Hank perseveres and even makes new friends. The book presents a nostalgic feel that really conveys the innocence of the story and the inherent goodness in children (or in this case, bears).

Presented in 55 stop-motion pictures, the artwork is incredible. Rebecca Dudley has created a charming miniature world through delicate textures and various materials—clay, fabrics, wires, papers—and a great sense of lighting. (Notice how the time sequence is presented, as the day turns into night and back to day.) As the book is wordless, the story is relayed solely through the images, and this is done masterfully. My four-year old daughter was able to follow the plot and tell the story with very little assistance from me. This is a wonderful book with beautiful art and a lovely storyline.

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