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The Best Books are Silly Books

BTRAEveryone would agree that the American Library Association knows all there is to know about books. That’s why it makes a lot of sense that they published a list of  Silly Books to Read Aloud; Books That Will Have Adults and Kids Laughing Together ($18.95, Huron Street Press, Adults). Written by Rob Reid, a father of four children, instructor and expert of read aloud books, this treasure of humorous children’s books for all ages is a valuable resource for parents and teachers who strive to find books that will encourage the children in their lives to embrace reading.

There’s a brief introduction explaining the benefits of reading humorous books with your kids. Then there are chapters for picture books, easy readers, chapter books, poetry books, as well as graphic novels and manga. There’s also a Hall of Fame Guide to the Funniest Authors and Illustrators.  In each of the chapters, there’s an alphabetical list of books by author, followed by the title and a short paragraph with a synopsis of the book and mention of any companion books that you may wish to check out.

As a parent, I have vivid memories of the days when I bought books for my avid-reading daughter that I thought would be great only to be disappointed that they were often just plain boring. I love the fact that Silly Books to Read Aloud takes the guesswork out of choosing fun books to read together. And  since literacy is the single most crucial factor in financial success as an adult, making reading fun is essential for your child’s future.

As a book reviewer and children’s book author of a book about a silly talking  millipede, I am often asked by parents and teachers for recommendations for other humorous picture books. Now I can recommend they read Silly Books to Read Aloud, the ultimate guide to saving valuable time and making great choices when it comes to children’s book that are fun to read.

Reviewed by Debbie Glade.

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