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Maisy Does it Again!

Debbie Glade reviews a new Maisy book with lots of tabs to pull.

I love Maisy books and have fond memories of the many hours my daughter played with her Maisy Pop-Up Playhouse years ago. It was so sturdy she was able to pass it on to a much younger cousin to enjoy.

Maisy’s latest adventure is Hop, Skip, Jump, Maisy! A Maisy First Science Book ($12.99, Candlewick Press, Ages 2-5) by Lucy Cousins, complete with tabs to pull to get Maisy moving. This sturdy cardboard book is vibrant, colorful and happy, just like Maisy herself. Lucy Cousins understands what kids like – big, bold colors and cheerful pictures. All of her book covers are so inviting that I can imagine them as posters decorating a young child’s bedroom walls.

Hop, Skip, Jump, Maisy! is all about the active things Maisy likes to do: hopping, jumping, kicking a ball, skipping and doing cartwheels. On the side of each two page spread is a list and some illustrations of other animals who like to do the things she likes to do. Like all Maisy books, this one is adorable, educational and just plain fun to read. And what child doesn’t love interactive books with pull tabs? What’s great is that there are so many Maisy books, your kids will love her so much they’ll want to read them all. There are four other books about science in this series worth checking out:

Maisy’s Nature Walk

Maisy’s Book of Things That Go

Maisy’s Wonderful Weather Book

Maisy’s Nature Trail

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