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No Nodding Out for The Insomniacs


The Insomniacs (G. P. Putnam’s Sons, $16.99, ages 3-5) by Karina Wolf and illustrated by The Brothers Hilts is reviewed today by Ronna Mandel.

Ever found yourself still wide awake at 3 a.m. having counted thousands of sheep? Imagine how hard it would be to adjust your routine if you had to move some place a dozen time zones away? Well that’s exactly what happens when Mrs. Insomniac is offered a new job and the family relocates halfway across the planet! 

My first round of applause is for author Wolf sharing a 21st century perspective by having the family move because of the mother’s work.  My second is for the captivating artwork that struck me as the perfect hybrid of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton. Between the original idea and unique artwork, children will delight at the turn of every page.

Mika Insomniac along with her mom and dad are desperate for some serious shut-eye. Mika’s nodding out in class, Father’s falling asleep at his camera and Mother’s dozing at her desk. How can the family find forty fabulous winks if they’re up all night? One evening Mika suggests everyone head out of town. “We’ll find the bears and ask them for their slumber secrets.” What ensues after dark is both eye-opening for the Insomniacs and certain to spark the imaginations of your little ones day or night.



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