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I’m Very Versatile!

Several months ago for National Women’s History Month I reviewed a new children’s book by a very talented author.  I chose They Stood ALONE!: 25 Men and Women Who Made a Difference by Sandra McLeod Humphrey because it stood alone amongst the abundant amount of books available.  I also remembered her name from a fab book about bullying she penned that I had never had a chance to review called Hot Issues, Cool Choices: Facing Bullies, Peer Pressure, Popularity, and Put-downsI’d held onto it because a gut feeling told me I’d find its approach useful. And indeed it was. When my young son became the unfortunate victim of bullying at his school, Hot Issues, Cool Choices was the most appropriate book for us. If you visit her site, I am certain you, too, will get hooked on Ms. Humphrey!

I was “gobsmacked” as the British say when recently Sandra nominated my blog,, for the cherished “Versatile Blogger Award.” How lucky was I?!!  It is with heartfelt thanks to Sandra that I can now pass along this honor to bloggers I feel deserve this award, but not without a huge internet hug to Sandra.

Instructions for the Award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Include a link to their blog.
3. Paste the award on your blog.
4. Share 7 things about yourself.
5. Pass this award on to as many as 15 blogs you enjoy reading and let them know about the award!

Seven Things about Me:

1) In addition to getting lost in books, I love getting lost in antique markets.
2) My husband and I grew up 5 miles apart, but never knew each other.
3) I ADORE all things standard poodle.
4) I have an innate love for Breyer’s chocolate ice cream rivaled only by gelato.
5) I speak French and German.
6) I am writing a picture book and chapter book.
7) I cannot ever keep a list down to 7, though a lucky number it may be, so …
8) Paris is my favorite city in the world with Prague and London close seconds.
9) I’ve been to Russia 4 times, pre- and post-communism.
10) I have an 11-year-old-son with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Bloggers Who Are Versatile:

Debbie @ (Smart Poodle Blog)
Kathy @  (Random Musings)
Shannon and Alysia @  (The Oxygen Mask Project)
Deborah @ (The Wandering Wallflower)
Kelly @  (Kelly Barnhill)
Jess @ (A Diary of a Mom)

Find out the origins of this awesome award by clicking here.

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