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Congratulations Graduates!

Step One: Order cap and gown. Step Two: Buy this book.

My daughter is graduating from high school in less than a month and I’ve been wondering what to give her right after she gets handed her diploma. Of course first on the list is a gigantic hug and kiss for all her hard work (if any of you have gone through the college application process recently you will know what I mean), perseverance and positive attitude. Next of course is the big, beautiful bouquet of flowers, but don’t end there!

I’ve found the perfect graduation book to give not just to my senior, but to any graduate, be they college grad or someone who has just received their Masters, Doctorate, law or medical degree. Skip the Hallmark books and the check-out counter mini books at the chain store for this special occasion. I recommend putting your child’s major accomplishment front and center by making Celebrating Graduation: Share, Remember, Cherish by Jim McCann ($9.99, Andrews McMeel Publishing) an integral part of any graduation celebration. McCann, founder of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and, knows what is meaningful to his family and customers and with this book he’s shared a lot of his insights (and others’) in a delightfully accessible way.

Filled with fantastic quotes like this one most parents of teens will relate to:

Opportunity never
announces in advance
when it is going
to come knocking.
Make sure you’re not
hanging around
in your underwear.
Put some jeans on.
Answer the door. 

-Jim McCann

Inside the book readers will find wonderful anecdotes recalled by employees in addition to advice, artwork, trivia and facts that help make Celebrating Graduation: Share, Remember, Cherish the perfect accompaniment to your graduation festivities.

If we are facing
in the right direction,
all we have to do
is keep on walking.

-Buddhist saying 

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