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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Debbie Glade shares her views on this original story.

The Hill and the Rock, (paperback, $8.99, Trafalgar Square, ages 4 and up) written and illustrated by David McKee, will surely entertain you. It’s a story about Mr. and Mrs. Quest, who live high on a hill. People come from near and far to see the lovely view from the hill. Everything is perfect – except for one thing; there’s a giant rock blocking the view from their kitchen window. Hmm. What do you suppose they did about it? And what happened after that?

The story line of The Hill and the Rock is very imaginative, and the ultra colorful illustrations add an extra creative layer to satisfy readers.  The book teaches children to be appreciative of what they already have and to use their imaginations to solve their problems. The moral of this story may not be unique, but the book certainly is! I highly recommend it.

Author/illustrator David McKee is well known for his best-selling Elmer Books, (the colorful patchwork elephant) which I also highly recommend.

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