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Have You Got That in Pink, Size 5?

Do you remember that wonderful feeling you got as a child, when in August, all the stores started to display the new fall styles? As the school year approached your excitement grew at the prospect of buying clothes in a bigger size because you grew, too.

In A Dress For Me! ($12.99, Marshall Cavendish/Pinwheel Books, ages 4-8) by Sue Fliess with illustrations by Mike Laughead, Hippo is keen to get a dress and, as in Fliess’s earlier companion book  Shoes For Me!, the choices are plentiful.

“Rows of dresses,
Wall to wall.
Watch me as I
Try them all.”

That’s exactly how I feel when I go shopping so I could not have said it any better! What I enjoyed in Fliess’s first picture book I once again enjoyed here. Her rhymes are terrific, none are forced or off beat. They flow easily which makes reading the book aloud with children such fun! Her descriptions truly convey the delight Hippo feels as she admires the selection.

“Pointy collar,
Puffy shirt,
Polka-dotted poodle skirt.”

The illustrator, Laughead has colorfully captured Hippo in all her dress-shopping glory.  His artwork is done in a bright and cheerful manner and makes me want to ask, “Do you have that in a size 10?”

If your kids are not already into all things clothing, they will be after this great read. “I’ll take this one, please!”

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