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Ordinary Beauty

Ordinary Beauty by Laura Wiess ($13.00 MTV Books, YA)  is reviewed today by guest reviewer, Grace. She’s currently a sophomore in high school, is a discerning reader, but once she finds a book she likes, she stays with it until the final word. She shows a growing interest in literature and writing and aspires to achieve a college degree then start her own business.

In this captivating and tragic story by Laura Wiess readers are pulled into the horrendous life story of a beautiful girl, Sayre. Wiess does an excellent job of helping readers really feel the scene around them. When the weather is cold out and the heroine is stuck in snow, you shiver from the cold along with her. As you are told her story as well as that of her mom you may feel a jabbing pain in your heart knowing this smart, talented girl will never achieve her full potential because of her mother’s drug addiction. As a result of all the horror and tragedy of these two lives, this reader  felt tremendous sadness and regret at the end of the book. Yet despite the dark feel of the novel, I could not put it down. Ordinary Beauty is a very different take on the common theme of drug addiction and its devastating affect on families. I certainly would recommend Ordinary Beauty to all my friends who are looking for a book that will take them on a riveting and emotional journey.

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