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Bring Color Back into Your Life!

The Prince’s New Pet ($16.99, Roaring Brook Press, ages 4 and up), written and illustrated by Brian Anderson, is a cartoon/story book delight. Prince Viridan’s father, King Cerulean, bans all color from his kingdom after the death of his wife, Queen Perylene. Much to the dismay of the prince, the gloom of the gray kingdom makes life unbearably dull. But on the prince’s birthday, a special package anonymously arrives that is meant to change all that. But can the prince keep the evil color catcher from ruining his only wish to have color restored in the kingdom? Read the book, and you will find out.

What I love about The Prince’s New Pet is that the author/illustrator uses his background as a comic strip artist (Dog Eats Doug) to make this story come to life. The illustrations are marvelous, and part of the story is told through words and part is told exclusively through the pictures. The bit of color that enters the story really pops against the background of gray scale artwork. It’s really quite clever. The story is ideal for anyone who has ever experienced the loss of someone special, as The Prince’s New Pet might just help lift that gray, melancholy feeling that has lingered for a really long time.

The book is for ages 4 and up, but the verbiage is rather sophisticated for young children to read on their own. However, this is a perfect story for parents to read to their young children.

Today’s review comes courtesy of Debbie Glade, a most colorful woman!

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