Everyone’s talking about …well let me rephrase that, everyone’s texting, IMing, Skyping, Facebooking and Tweeting about the new parody of Goodnight Moon entitled Goodnight iPad: A Paradoy for the Next Generation ($14.95, blue rider press, all ages). However, the author, Ann Droyd (aka David Milgram) really does not ridicule this classic children’s book, but rather pays homage to its battery-free simplicity. With Goodnight iPad, originally conceived by his agent as Goodnight iPhone, Milgram imagines a scenario where a tired (and ticked off) grandma takes all the electronic gadgets from the characters depicted and tosses them out so a family can get to sleep unaffected by the impact of modern technology. Absent from the original Goodnight book, technology has taken over this household in a big, handheld remote, shiny silver way. The author succeeds in contrasting life’s current fast, plugged-in pace with, if only for one night, a time when going to bed was relaxed and unwired. Now we cannot tear ourselves away from our electronics and it’s taking a toll on our down time and for many, probably the ability to fall asleep!  I’m certain that’s why my 10-year-old son enjoyed the book so much. He knows he’s as wrapped up in technology as the next tween but could easily take a step back and laugh, just like Milgram does. Our recent 60 hour power outage drove that point home. We all emerged unscathed, and a bit more tuned in to one another instead of to our phones, laptops or Playstations. While Milgram may be a children’s author, he’s clearly branching out and his message is reaching a larger and more varied audience.  So put away your gadgets guys and gals and listen to Grandma! Kick back for a bit. You just might like it.

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