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Just How Far, Tall, Long and Wide is That?

Debbie Glade weighs in on a helpful new book from Capstone Press.

Hooray for books that teach young children about distance and space! How Do You Measure Length and Distance?, by Thomas K. and Heather Adamson, fills a great void in educating young children about this very important, and often overlooked, subject.

What I like about this book is that large, colorful photographs are used to compare everyday objects to rulers and tape measures, so children can grasp length, height and depth. And the author makes it fun. What child wouldn’t enjoy measuring a guinea pig, a toy train or the length of a big car? The simple prose explains what is being measured on each page and includes measurements in the metric system as well. And in the back of the book are pages with cool measuring facts, a glossary of terms and resources for further learning.

This book would be a fabulous resource for elementary classrooms (PreK-2) and would be perfect for a long car trip so kids can better understand the distances they are traveling.

How Do You Measure Length and Distance? is one of four titles in the “Measure It” series by Capstone Press, and all of these titles are published in English and Spanish.

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