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Marital Woes in the Afterworld

Regular Good Reads With Ronna contributor and very funny lady, Lindy Michaels, has written an out-of-this-world ghost story. Download it today – it’s the best $2.50 you’ll ever spend!


Novel and Screenplay by Lindy Michaels

120564039Let’s face it, figuring out relationships are, at best, tough nuts to crack. She shops too much. He leaves his socks on the floor and the toilet seat up. What about balancing work and family? Of course, there is some hope to these problems in counseling, self-help books and watching Dr. Phil. But that’s if you’re ALIVE!

So what happens if you’ve unfortunately left this world as we know it and never took the time or effort to work out your marital woes? Which brings me to THE GHOSTS OF WINTHROP MANOR. What does happen when three unhappy couples, from different decades, happen to marry and later die, all at this century old mansion? In the purgatory these six folks find themselves, what else can they do but bicker and complain and of course… haunt the place!

The ramifications of these hauntings are magnified when the Winthrop Manor is now a wedding sight, run by Randolph Winthrop IV, the great grandson of the manor’s first owner. It is further magnified when our six unhappily married ghosts take it upon themselves to decide that prospective brides and grooms shouldn’t marry in the first place, thus jeopardizing the financial future of the Manor. That is, until two therapists, looking for the perfect place to wed, themselves, try and contact the three long-dead couples… their theory being, if they can help these folks work out their wedded suffering, it might well release them to a happy eternity, together.

Will these two well-meaning shrinks be able to contact the ghosts, in the first place? If so, will they convince them it’s not healthy to hold on to nuptialed grudges in the hereafter? Can they help save the Winthrop Manor from bankruptcy? And could it be that the saga of THE GHOSTS OF WINTHROP MANOR might well aid other couples learn to live happily ever after in the here and now?

I invite you to step inside the great Winthrop Manor and see for yourself. Living or dead, you’re in for a heavenly and hysterical treat.

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