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Crones Among Us: A City Slickers for Menopausal Women

113532252Lindy Michaels, a regular contributor to Good Reads With Ronna, and all-around amazing woman, has written a new novel.   Crones Among Us is available for download from  First download a FREE Nook app and then you can download the novel to Nook, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or an Android. It’s so easy and costs only $2.50!

This is a tale about coming of age. No! The other age. Old age, well, older age. This ‘City Slickers For Menopausal Women’ relates the story of becoming a Crone. A witch, you say? A hag? A withered old woman? Absolutely not! This tale involves mature women, females whom yes, have passed their child-bearing days and truly believe the best part of their lives ended birthdays ago, only to learn they are actually on the cusp of a new beginning, a new life as an elder, a wise one to be revered and respected… and reckoned with, damn it!

Here’s an overview of the story:

Sara, due to be 50 at any moment, has just had a devastating blow. A love affair has gone rotten, stinking up her life. After promising her marriage and happiness ever after, in the end he couldn’t, wouldn’t leave his wife. She now faces the depressing prospect of living her Golden Years alone, the love of her life lost forever. Her newly married daughter’s elation at the break-up certainly doesn’t help.

Carol has the just opposite problem. She would love some “alone” time. Still married to her college sweetheart, as she ages, he understands her less and less. Then there’s Carol’s demanding son who has decided that home is a good place to remain until he finds himself. It’s obvious he isn’t looking very hard. Carol is also experiencing her change of life and boy, is she ever changing. She had no idea it would be quite so hot or wet.

Both women feeling unhappy and desperate to make some sense of their wrinkling lives are drawn to a week-long retreat aptly entitled, ON BECOMING A CRONE. Under the gentle tutelage of their guide, Christina, something magical begins to happen to the women. It is called acceptance. And for the first time in their aging process they learn how to celebrate all their years of living upon this earth.

lindymichaelspic2Once back in civilization the two women remain close, while trying to integrate all they have learned into their daily lives. Easier said than done, they discover, especially when Sara’s old love once again comes by to muck up her life, and Carol’s husband wonders if she has gone off the deep end with her new Goddess loving philosophy.

CRONES AMONG US treads where most do not dare to go. Filled with laughter and tears, it is a story of women trying to cross over into Cronehood gracefully, yet with their spirit’s wild, as they try their damnedest to buck what society tells us about this third portion of our lives. Oh yes, it most certainly is a struggle, but look out world, for there are Crones among us, and we should be so lucky to meet up with one of them.

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